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Democrat Nukes Own Party at RNC: Dems 'Infected' with 'Bigotry, Socialism'

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (D) speaks at Republican National Convention

 on 25th August 2020 @ 3.00pm
democrat vernon jones slammed his party during a powerful speech at the republican national convention © press
Democrat Vernon Jones slammed his party during a powerful speech at the Republican National Convention

Pro-Trump Democrat, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, nuked his own party during a powerful speech at the first night of the RNC's Republican National Convention on Monday.

During his remarks, Jones tore the Democratic Party to shreds, warning that the Democrats have become “infected” with “intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy property, and terrorize our communities.”

“The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave the mental Plantation they’ve had us on for decades,” Jones warned.

"But I have news for them: We are free people with free minds," he continued.

"I am part of a large and growing segment of the black community who are independent thinkers.

"And we believe that Donald Trump is the president that America needs to lead us forward,” he declared.

georgia state representative vernon jones spoke at the first night of the republican national convention on monday © press
Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones spoke at the first night of the Republican National Convention on Monday

Jones’s message was more focused on why he was voting for Trump, rather than slamming Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Jones revealed that when he came out in public support of Trump he was “threatened, called an embarrassment, and asked to resign by my party.”

"I grew up in the South," Jones told the RNC convention.

"My parents built with their own hands a four-room cinder block home with no indoor plumbing.

"They had very limited education," he continued.

"But they instilled in us a strong work ethic that drove me from the tobacco fields of North Carolina to hallowed halls of the Georgia General Assembly,” Jones said.

"My parents taught me if I believed in God, worked hard, and treated every person fairly, there was no limit to what we could achieve.”

"I attended North Carolina Central University, a historically black college.

"For generations, HBCUs have been the breeding ground for black scholars in math, science, religion, engineering, and politics.

"They have been important springboards for black success ever since.

"But Democrats haven’t treated them like that.

"When President Trump took office, he changed everything,” Jones continued.

"He delivered historic funding to HBCUs.

"And he guaranteed it for 10 years.

"That gave our HBCUs stability–the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders.”

 the democratic party does not want black people to leave the mental plantation they   ve had us on for decades   jones warned © press
'The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave the mental Plantation they’ve had us on for decades,' Jones warned

"He also supported school choice initiatives to ensure that every child — no matter their race or zip code — has access to a great education,” Jones continued. 

"But education is just the beginning.

"The president also built the most inclusive economy ever, with record low unemployment for African Americans and record-high participation in the workforce. 

"He put Opportunity Zones in the Trump tax bill that will drive investment into our communities for decades to come.

"He put the interests of American workers — and especially black workers — first.”


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