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Texas Gov Vows to 'Defund Cities' that Defund Police: 'We Believe in Law Enforcement'

Republican Governor Greg Abbott sends warning to leftist local officials

 on 20th August 2020 @ 5.00pm
texas gov  greg abbott  r  says he will  defund cities  if they defund their police © press
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) says he will 'defund cities' if they defund their police

Texas Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott has sent a warning to radical-left city officials, vowing that he will "defund cities" that vote to defund their police departments.

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, Governor Abbott reminded leftists that in Texas "we believe in law enforcement."

Abbott told Hannity that he will not tolerate municipalities in the Lone Star State defunding their law enforcement apparatus.

"You've seen and you have documented what happened in Portland, in Seattle, in Chicago, New York, and cities across the country," Abbott said.

"Now Austin, Texas, has defunded law enforcement [and] police," the governor told Hannity.

He said the vote in Democrat-run Austin came "despite the fact that over the first six months of this year, the city ranked number one in the United States for the highest percentage increase in murders."

gov  abbott issued the warning during an interview with sean hannity © press
Gov. Abbott issued the warning during an interview with Sean Hannity

According to the Texas Tribune, Austin's city council unanimously approved a $150 million police budget cut last week.

The outlet reported the vote came after complaints about the use of force against anti-police demonstrators and the Austin Police Department's handling of a high-profile case involving a man who shot and killed an alleged protester who was carrying an AK-47 rifle.

Abbott said legislation proposed on Tuesday prescribes the freezing of tax revenue for any city that defunds their police or law enforcement department.

"[T]hey will lose the lifeblood of the revenues they receive from property taxes in Texas," Abbott explained. 

"What this does, in English, is it is going to defund cities and cities' ability to operate at all if they try to defund law enforcement.

"We believe in law enforcement in Texas and we are not going to allow a replication of the types of policies we've seen destroying cities like Seattle and Portland and others."

the move comes amid nationwide calls from the radical left to defund or abolish the police © press
The move comes amid nationwide calls from the radical-left to defund or abolish the police

Abbott accused such liberal precincts of "caving to the forces of socialism" even as crime increases, and added that some are allowing their municipalities to be "hijacked."


"So Texas is laying down a marker and that is, whether it be the city of Austin or another city, such actions are not going to be tolerated," Gov. Abbott concluded.

"In Texas, we embrace law enforcement, we will not accept turning power over to these socialistic forces that seek to abandon the rule of law and abandon the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe."

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