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Police Identify Suspect in Black Lives Matter Attack on Portland Truck Driver

Victim was dragged from his vehicle and beaten unconscious by BLM/Antifa thugs

 on 19th August 2020 @ 5.00pm
portland police identified marquis love as a suspect in the attack © press
Portland Police identified Marquis Love as a suspect in the attack

Police have identified a suspect in the brutal attack on a Portland truck driver who was dragged from his vehicle and beaten unconscious by Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa thugs last week.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) announced Tuesday they had identified the key member of the mob who was seen kicking the victim in the face after he crashed his white Ford 4×4 at the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway on Saturday night.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, police responded to calls on August 16 about protesters in downtown Portland dragging a man out of his car and beating him after he crashed.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media, with one showing what appeared to have been the main suspect, Marquis Love, kicking another man in the head while he was on the ground - immediately knocking him unconscious.

According to PPB, when officers arrived, they found an adult man who was unconscious who was transported to a nearby hospital with "serious injuries."

The victim has since been released from the hospital and is recovering, PPB said.

the victim was dragged from his truck and beaten to a pulp by the mob   the man  left  stood over the victim is suspected of kicking him unconscious © press
The victim was dragged from his truck and beaten to a pulp by the mob - The man (left) stood over the victim is suspected of kicking him unconscious

Investigators reported that they later learned that the victim may have been trying to help a transgender woman who had something stolen during a robbery.

Investigators have identified the suspect as 25-year-old Marquise Love and investigators haven’t been able to locate him.

PPB said investigators have left messages for Love to turn himself in.

"Investigators have left messages for Love to turn himself in but will continue to look for him as there is probable cause for his arrest," the agency said in a statement.

"PPB Investigators have been made aware of attempts by members of the public to contact Love after possible personal information was posted online.

"Investigators urge the public to not do this as it can be dangerous,” PPB warned.

"PPB understands the high public interest in cases such as these.

"The release of information may not be as timely as the public would like.

"Social media platforms make it quick to circulate information but investigators often need to make other connections not seen in videos.

"Investigators need to protect the integrity of the cases they are assigned in order to present the best case to prosecutors and sometimes an early release of unverified information can hinder that process.”

police identified the main suspect in the attack as 25 year old marquise love © press
Police identified the main suspect in the attack as 25-year-old Marquise Love

In a separate statement, PPB Chief Chuck Lovell asserted: “The Portland Police Bureau is taking this assault and other incidents of violence extremely seriously.

"Our Detectives continue to investigate this assault as well as other acts of violence directed toward protestors, but we need more than just videos from social media. In order to hold individuals responsible for criminal acts, we need the public to provide information and refrain from tampering with evidence.”

Video of the incident below (WARNING: Graphic violence):

Journalist Drew Hernandez noted the violent rhetoric from Black Lives Matter leftists on Saturday night.

Hernandez tweeted a video, stating: “For the record, this was the extreme rhetoric that was being preached by BLM just hours before they began to take to the streets and violently harass, rob, physically assault people and nearly execute a man.”

“I will continue my mission by any means necessary,” the speaker says in the video.

“I said I will continue my mission for justice by any means necessary.”

The speaker then gets louder, shouting: “I don’t think y’all hear me, I’m gonna say it one more time.

"I said that I will continue my mission for justice to hold police accountable for murders and murdering our people by any means necessary.”

"And I’m sure we all know what ‘any means necessary’ is and how it can go,” the speaker added.

Anybody who has information about this incident should contact detective Brent Christensen at (503) 823-2087 or at [email protected].

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