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Barr: Democrats 'Grossly Irresponsible, Reckless & Wrong' to Push Mail-In Voting

Attorney general raises concerns about election integrity

 on 15th August 2020 @ 1.00am
ag bill barr has slammed democrats for pushing mail in voting for the november election © press
AG Bill Barr has slammed Democrats for pushing mail-in voting for the November election

Attorney General Bill Barr has slammed Democrats for pushing mail-in voting in the run up to the November election.

During an interview on Thursday night with Fox News's Sean Hannity, AG Barr blasted the Democratic Party as "grossly irresponsible" for promoting "reckless and wrong" vote-by-mail ballots.

The attorney general said such a voting system “could create serious questions about the integrity of the election.”

Hannity brought up Barr’s recent interview with Fox News host Mark Levin before asking him about “those that want to experiment with different ways of voting.”

“I don’t have confidence in government to fulfill many promises at all,” Hannity said.

“Doesn’t it lend itself to great opportunity for fraud?”

ag barr warns democrats are  playing with fire  by pushing mail in voting © press
AG Barr warns Democrats are 'playing with fire' by pushing mail-in voting

Barr, who is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, responded:

“Yes, I think it is grossly irresponsible to be doing what the Democratic Party is doing now.”

"We have had very close races in recent history. 

"The country is divided," the attorney general noted.

"If anything, we should be assuring the integrity of our elections, so that government going forward will be legitimate and will be accepted as legitimate,” Barr continued.

"The idea of conducting our elections by wholesale mail-in ballots is reckless and wrong.

"Everyone knows what has happened in these cases.

"We are not talking about voters going, requesting a ballot specifically, saying who they are, proving who they are, and then submitting a ballot by mail.” 

“We are talking mail-outs to everyone on the voting list.

"And every experience with that has had thousands and thousands of ballots floating around, not just the state, but the country.

"I have friends who haven’t lived in California in 21 years who received ballots,” Barr continued.

“There are ballots left in boxes in apartment buildings–Ballots for people who used to live at addresses are delivered to those addresses.

"They can be filled out by anybody.”

“This is reckless,” Barr concluded.

“And it could create serious questions about the integrity of the election.

"And to do this, when there [is] a closely divided country, as we are, is playing with fire, in my view.”

voting by mail is  reckless and wrong   ag barr said © press
Voting by mail is 'reckless and wrong,' AG Barr said

In his interview with Levin, Barr noted that there is nothing wrong with people who “can’t go and vote” applying for a ballot to fill out and then mailing it in, which is known as an absentee ballot.

“There’s no problem with that, especially for states that have been doing that for a while,” Barr said.

“But the idea that you, without any request from the voter will mail out your voting list, all these thousands and thousands of ballots is scary because most of those mailings go to a lot of addresses where the people no longer live.

"They’re misdirected and I think they will create a situation – they could easily create a situation where there’s going to be a contested election.”

Barr appeared to suggest that the Justice Department has been analyzing the media’s coverage of mail-in voting, saying, “And you know, it’s funny, we went and looked back at press coverage of this issue.

"It wasn’t until Trump was elected that the media changed its tune.

"Before that, the media used to refer to mail-in ballots as, you know, fraught with fraud or raising questions of fraud or integrity of the vote.”

“It’s only after – it’s only recently that they’ve now made it, you know, doctrinal that, oh, there’s no – there’s no issue with mail-in voting,” Barr concluded.

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