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Evidence of Ilhan Omar’s 'Extensive Spree' of Felonies Emerges

It is 'over' for the Democratic congresswoman

 on 12th August 2020 @ 8.00pm
 32 new  verifiable  archived pieces of evidence  suggests  ilhan omar engaged in spree of federal felonies © press
'32 new, verifiable, archived pieces of evidence' suggests Ilhan Omar engaged in spree of federal felonies

Over the past eighteen months, there have been multiple allegations against progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), which the media have failed to properly investigate.

But David Steinberg, an investigative journalist, has been busy putting together "32 new, verifiable, archived pieces of evidence," which suggests Omar engaged in the "most extensive spree of state and federal felonies by an elected congressperson in U.S. history."

The evidence surfaced when Omar's father died in June from complications from a COVID-19 infection and condolences came from the Somali immigrant community, Steinberg wrote for The Blaze.

Steinberg noted when Omar's father arrived in the United States in 1995, he claimed to be "Nur Omar Mohamed" receiving Social Security number with that name.

Ilhan and some members of her family entered the U.S. fraudulently as members of another family, the Omars, according to Steinberg.

Omar's name at birth was Ilhan Nur Said Elmi.

 we have evidence that omar perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man   steinberg said © press
'We have evidence that Omar perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man,' Steinberg said

Steinberg concluded Omar "has almost certainly committed the most extensive spree of felonies by a congressperson in U.S. history."

"As a criminal, she also appears to be historically inept. Scores of verified items of evidence against her are in the public record. Omar has never challenged their authenticity and has never produced a single piece of evidence to support her version of events."

Among the charges that could be brought against Omar include immigration, education, and federal student loan fraud.

Omar also filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns and possibly eight.

"She likely received subsidized health care and child care during this time. For eight years, every application she signed for state and federal aid was likely fraudulent," he wrote.

"During her 2017 divorce from Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Ilhan submitted a nine-question statement to the court signed under penalty of perjury. Literally — she signed just below the statement of acknowledgment. Eight of her nine answers appear to be perjurious. Each instance is punishable by up to five years' imprisonment."

Another scandal emerged showing Omar's campaign has disbursed $1.6 million during this election cycle to the consulting firm of her new husband, Tim Mynett.

But Omar claimed the charge was "disgusting lie."

WND reported Steinberg, PowerLine blogger Scott Johnson, and investigative reporter Preya Samsundar have published verifiable evidence over the past three years.

Omar claimed she married Ahmed Hirsi in an Islamic ceremony in 2002, then six years later "reached an impasse in our life together" and divorced.

She legally married Elmi in 2009.

Omar says she reconciled with Hirsi in 2012, but did divorce Elmi until 2017, after evidence emerged in her runs for office that Elmi is her biological brother.

She was then fined for filing a joint tax with Hirsi while she was legally married to Elmi by a Minnesota state agency.

The finding of Steinberg, Samsundar and Johnson, Judicial Watch said, are "supported by information gathered from public records, social media postings, genealogy databases, computer forensic analysis, unaltered digital photographs, discussions between the investigative reporters and the subjects of the investigation themselves, and information supplied by confidential sources within the Somali-American community."

Though Omar's application for divorce in 2017 which she swore under penalty of perjury that she had no contact with Elmi after June 2011, evidence shows in now social media posts that she not only had contact with Elmi but also met with him.

Judicial Watch noted that the apparent immigration fraud scheme may have helped Elmi obtain federally backed student loans.

in april 2019  an investigation was launched by authorities into omar following two complaints of campaign finance fraud © press
In April 2019, an investigation was launched by authorities into Omar following two complaints of campaign finance fraud

Speaking on Omar's alleged corruption, Steinberg told The Blaze it was "over" for the Democratic congresswoman.

"There's really nothing left. It's all ... the publicly available documentation that anyone would need to be convinced that, for eight years, [Omar] married her brother to commit immigration fraud," Steinberg said.

"And this marriage fraud also was in the service of education fraud/student loan fraud. And along the line, we have evidence that she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, possibly eight [years]," he added.

"We have evidence that she perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man," Steinberg continued.


"And along the way, of course, we know she was living in public housing."

"We also know she was likely receiving subsidized child care," he added.

"Essentially, almost everything she put her name on for eight years was perjury or fraud. And it all adds up to likely the most extensive spree of state and federal felonies by an elected congressperson in U.S. history."

"I really have no other way to put it. That's how big this is," Steinberg stated.

In Apri 2019, an investigation was launched by authorities into Omar following two complaints of campaign finance fraud.

In August last year, Neon Nettle reported Omar funneled $230,000 of campaign funds to Tim Mynett - the man she allegedly had an affair with, according to his wife's divorce filings.

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