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Alyssa Milano Posts Bizarre Video Claiming COVID-19 Is Causing Her Hair To Fall Out

Anti-Trump actress tells people to 'wear a damn mask'

 on 10th August 2020 @ 8.00pm
 thought i   d show you what  covid19 does to your hair   alyssa milano wrote © press
'Thought I’d show you what #Covid19 does to your hair,' Alyssa Milano wrote

Liberal actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano posted a bizarre video to social media, which featured her brushing her wet hair and showing her apparent hair loss as the reason why people should “wear a damn mask" because of the coronavirus.

Milano claimed she had contracted COVID-19 in April while testing positive for the virus antibodies last week.

The actress, who frequently posts rants on Twitter, linked her hair loss to having the virus, before urging people to wear a “damn mask.” 

The video has since racked up over 1.5 million views.

“Thought I’d show you what #Covid19 does to your hair,” Milano captioned the video.

“Please take this seriously. #WearADamnMask #LongHauler.”

 65  of covid 19 survivors surveyed report experiencing hair loss  among other long term effects   milano wrote © press
'65% of COVID-19 survivors surveyed report experiencing hair loss, among other long-term effects,' Milano wrote


“Hi, everybody, um, I just wanted to show you the amount of hair that is coming out of my head as a result of COVID,” she begins.

Milano then starts rushing her wet hair and pulling out all the strands.

“One brushing. This is my hair loss from COVID-19,” Milano says.

“Wear a damn mask," she blasts. 

milano claimed she had covid 19  in april and tested positive for antibodies last week © press
Milano claimed she had COVID-19 in April and tested positive for antibodies last week

Milano posted in a follow-up tweet:

“65% of COVID-19 survivors surveyed report experiencing hair loss, among other long-term effects.”

The actress cited a report from Foxtv in an attempt to back up her claims. 

She also replied to question about her diagnosis:

“I had covid in April. Tested positive for antibodies last week.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, many factors relate to hair loss, including heredity, hormonal changes, and medical conditions, medications and supplements, stress, as well as hairstyles and treatments.

According to a Yahoo! report, hair loss might be associated with COVID via “weight loss to severe infection and psychological stress.”

The report said:

“Technically known as telogen effluvium, temporary hair loss can be triggered by many things, from weight loss to severe infection and psychological stress."

“[Dr. Pedram] Yazdan, who specializes in hair loss, says all three may play a role in the reports of hair loss he’s seeing."

"One such report, a survey of more than 1,500 survivors released in late July, lists hair loss as among the top 25 symptoms experienced (out of nearly 100 total) by COVID-19 survivors.”

“It could be infection, it could be nutritional, it could be a lot of stress on the body — physical stress and medical stress,” explained Yazdan.

“Some patients with a lot of emotional stress … if they have a lot of anxiety or just some situational event in their life, which is very emotionally taxing that can lead to hair shedding.”

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