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Cher: Trump Has 'Tortured & Killed 160,000 Americans'

Far-left popstar spews out another bizarre conspiracy theory

 on 9th August 2020 @ 6.00pm
cher claims president trump is responsible for  torture and killing of 160 000 americans © press
Cher claims President Trump is responsible for 'torture and killing of 160,000 Americans'

Far-left popstar Cher has spread another bizarre conspiracy about President Donald Trump in a new unhinged rant.

The pop icon told her 3.8 million Twitter followers that President Trump is accused of the "torture and killing of 160,000 Americans."

Cher appears to be doubling-down on her previous accusation last month when she stated that Trump “kills Americans without a thought.”

In her latest rant this weekend, Cher kicked off the accusation by telling her followers that there’s a “chance” Trump will follow through with the money and benefits he promised the American people.

The comment was a likely reference to his Friday evening press conference, in which the president previewed executive orders to defer the payroll tax and student loan payments, extend unemployment benefits.

He also agreed to “extend the eviction moratorium as well as an order requiring health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions,” as Neon Nettle reported.

cher is known for her bizarre anti trump outbursts © press
Cher is known for her bizarre anti-Trump outbursts

However, Trump, according to the “Strong Enough” singer, is simply trying to save his “mammoth ass” after selling his soul to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She then accused him of torturing and killing 160,000 Americans — a reference to the estimated number of U.S. deaths due to COVID-19.

Cher’s tweet comes on the heels of Twitter taking aggressive action to fact-check and restrict access to tweets and articles containing “false” information, even temporarily suspending accounts of high-profile figures like Donald Trump Jr., according to Breitbart.

Notably, progressive Hollywood figures — like Cher, director Rob Reiner, and Broadway star Bette Midler — continue to tweet bizarre accusations about the president but have not appeared to face any consequences from the social media giant.

The tweet also follows Trump’s Friday press conference, where President Trump told reporters that he will take executive action if Democrat lawmakers fail to act. 

“If Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage, I will act under my authority as president to get Americans the relief they need,” he told reporters. 

“Tragically Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue to insist on radical leftwing policies that have nothing to do with the China virus.”

cher continues to spread false conspiracy theories on social media © press
Cher continues to spread false conspiracy theories on social media

This is far from the first time Cher has accused the president of murdering Americans.

Last month, the Moonstruck star accused the Commander-in-Chief of killing Americans “without a thought.”

“trump Cares Nothing About Our Vets,Our Country,Ppl Who Are Dying of Covid,Ppl From Black Lives Matter,Kids He Keeps [locked] In Cages,Nurses,& Drs Who Are Dying Because He Wont Protect Them,HE KILLS AMERICANS WITHOUT A THOUGHT,HE KILLS 4 ADULATION AT RALLIES,” she tweeted.

The U.S. has reported 4,913,663 cumulative cases and 152,816 related fatalities, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project.

Overall, the country is currently experiencing a downward trend in daily coronavirus cases, as Breitbart detailed.

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