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Portland Antifa Mob Tries to Burn Police Station Down, Run Cops Over - WATCH

Rioters attempt to run over police officers with a truck

 on 7th August 2020 @ 12.00am
antifa thugs attacked the portland police department   s east precinct and tried to burn it down © press
Antifa thugs attacked the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct and tried to burn it down

A violent Antifa mob attacked a police station in a suburban area of Portland on Wednesday night.

During the assault, rioters attempted to burn down the police precinct and tried to run cops over with a truck.

Leftists stormed the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct, which is in a residential area of the city.

Thugs were reportedly seen trying to run over police officers as they tried to flee the scene after the building was set on fire.

A group of a few hundred people descended on the area and blocked traffic, shined green lasers at police officers, and attempted to tear down protective boarding on the precinct.

Video shows mobs working to disable surveillance cameras in an attempt to conceal their criminal activity.

video shows a mob disabling security cameras to mask their criminal activity © press
Video shows a mob disabling security cameras to mask their criminal activity

A member of the group was seen attempting to tear the surveillance camera off of the front doors of the East Precinct, according to The Daily Wire.

Other people in the group began spray painting the camera as well as the front doors of the precinct.

Lots of members of the group were seen wearing helmets and carrying shields.

“Several people in the group began to ram a large 2 by 4 piece of wood into the front glass doors in an effort to shatter them,” the Portland Police Department said in a statement.

“Other members of the group slammed different heavy large objects into the glass doors as well.

"The objects included large rocks.”

“By 9:50 p.m., those who had been destructing the East Precinct glass doors successfully cracked them, causing significant damage,” the department continued.

“Since serious ongoing criminal behavior continued, a riot was declared at 9:56 p.m.

"At 10 p.m., the front doors of East Precinct were barricaded and a fire was started using plywood and an accelerant.”

When officers moved to disperse the rioters they “were hit with projectiles and commercial-grade fireworks,” the department said.

“Because of life safety issues created by members in the group, CS gas and crowd control munitions were used. While dispersing efforts continued, a truck associated with the group attempted to run over several officers.”

Portland police said that officers were pelted with large rocks that were the size of shot puts and they had to repel attacks from the violent rioters two more times over the following two hours.

video shows an antifa mob setting the police station doors on fire © press
Video shows an Antifa mob setting the police station doors on fire

Journalist Andy Ngo, who testified this week to the U.S. Senate as an expert on Antifa, tweeted out videos of the attacks on the police station.

“For the first time since the riots began in Portland, Antifa attacked the east precinct, located far on the east side of the city,” Ngo wrote.

“Rioters immediately began disabling security cameras around the building.”

Ngo included videos of the rioters tearing off the protective barrier to the East Precinct.

“The crowd chants ‘didn’t see sh**’ to remind everyone to comply w/remaining silent,” he wrote.

Ngo also included a video of the group starting a fire on the front door of the East Precinct.

“They tore off the barricade and placed tinder around the fire,” Ngo reported.

“They’re trying to burn down the building.”

“After Antifa were dispersed by police following the attack on the East Precinct, they tried to blind a woman at her home with lasers and attacked her,” Ngo continued.

“Antifa have gone into residential parts of the city after moving on from attacking federal courthouse.”

“Portland Police declared a riot after Antifa began to smash the windows of the east precinct & set the front of the building on fire,” Ngo wrote along with additional footage.

“Here they rush in and make some arrests after rioters tried making a street blockade.”

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