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Conservative Professor Found Dead After Blasting 'Evil & Despicable' Democrat Gov

UNC Prof. Mike Adams' body discovered by authorities at his home, investigation launched

 on 25th July 2020 @ 1.00pm
unc prof  mike adams was found dead at home following controversial statements © press
UNC Prof. Mike Adams was found dead at home following controversial statements

A conservative University of North Carolina professor has been found dead at home after he blasted the state's Democrat governor as "evil and despicable," according to reports.

The body of Prof. Mike Adams was discovered in his Wilmington home on Thursday after police conducted a wellness check, deputies from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Police say they have launched an investigation but have yet to confirm the cause of death.

Adams had become a lightning rod for leftist attacks after posting a series of tweets his critics claimed were sexist and racist.

He was recently forced to retire by administrators in July after he sparked controversy over politically incorrect comments.

The professor sparked a debate about political correctness in May when he tweeted a joke criticizing North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s coronavirus lockdown policy.

prof  mike adams described nc s democrat gov  roy cooper as  evil and despicable © press
Prof. Mike Adams described NC's Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper as 'evil and despicable'

“This evening I ate pizza and drank beer with six guys at a six seat table top,” Adams tweeted in May.

"I almost felt like a free man who was not living in the slave state of North Carolina. Massa Cooper, let my people go!"

The tweet set off a firestorm from students, faculty, and even celebrities that had worked on television productions in Wilmington, according to Breitbart.

The remarks supporting or condemning the tweet have now been joined by tweets celebrating Adams’ death. 

Conservative activists with Young America’s Foundation (YAF), as well as commentator and author Michelle Malkin, mourned his death.

One of Adams’ last essays for Town Hall revealed that he had a long history of criticizing Governor Cooper. 

In his May 4, 2020 essay, entitled “Why I Can’t Get Arrested in Raleigh,” Adams referred to a personal legal battle with Cooper.

Explaining why Raleigh police wouldn’t arrest him after he shouted at them about the wrongful arrest of an anti-lockdown protester, he wrote: 

RPD [Raleigh PD] officers know who I am (as many of my former criminology students are on their police force).

They know I teach a course on the First Amendment.

They know I have tangled with Roy Cooper before and that I beat him in a seven-year lawsuit.

And they know I would beat him again. 

Adams also described the PRD as “corrupt” and alleged that the Capitol police who charged protester Lisa Todd had lied about her arrest and were “Roy Cooper’s Gestapo.” 

In his April 22, 2020 essay for Town Hall, entitled “North Carolina Patriots Must Stand Up to Hypocritical Governor, Adams revealed that he would challenge Cooper’s Executive Order 121 by holding a large religious service in his home. 

Governor Cooper had described churches as non-essential businesses and banned religious meetings in private homes if they included more than ten people, Adams explained.

Prayer groups composed of fewer than ten people were to sit six feet apart.

“These requirements are unlawful – as is the entire executive order – and thus needed to be challenged,” Adams wrote.

When Adams was not, despite his best efforts, arrested for violating the lockdown orders, he noted that the governor had “been violating his own executive order by leaving the state to fundraise for his reelection campaign.”

He encouraged business owners to open their businesses and affix signs to them telling Cooper to go to hell.

prof  mike adams was found dead at his home by police © press
Prof. Mike Adams was found dead at his home by police

Adams also found authorities’ unwillingness to enforce “social distancing” rules against Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists hypocritical.

On June 2, he tweeted: “Just when you started to recover from the Governor shutting your business down it gets shut down by the looting rioters the Governor fully supports.

"Have you not figured out that the Governor is an evil and despicable man?” 

A few days earlier, Adams tweeted a rumor that Antifa was going to “hit Wilmington” and that he was “ready.”

He was denounced by one Twitter user as a “nutcase.”

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