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Soros-Backed District Attorney Likens Trump to a 'Dictator,' Implies Feds are Nazis

Larry Krasner says the president is using illegal 'stormtrooper tactics'

 on 23rd July 2020 @ 9.00pm
larry krasner appeared to compare federal offices nazis in an interview published on wednesday © press
Larry Krasner appeared to compare federal offices Nazis in an interview published on Wednesday.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is backed by leftist billionaire George Soros, expressed his willingness to arrest federal law enforcement officers sent by President Donald Trump to put a stop to the violence in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Portland.

Krasner appeared to compare federal officers to Nazis in an interview published on Wednesday.

Philadelphia, under Krasner, has seen a sharp rise in violent crime before the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus pandemic.

Gun violence in Philadelphia already skyrocketed by 24% compared to 2019, according to statistics.

“I’m going to do something — that I can tell you,” Trump said Monday.

“Because we’re not going to let New York and Chicago and Philadelphia and Detroit and Baltimore and all of these — Oakland is a mess. We’re not going to let this happen in our country. All run by liberal Democrats.”

trump announced plans to deploy federal law enforcement units to chicago and albuquerque © press
Trump announced plans to deploy federal law enforcement units to Chicago and Albuquerque

Armed federal police are set to be deployed in Chicago after a mass shooting occurred outside a funeral home on Tuesday.

“People in a black vehicle opened fire on the group as they left the funeral,” according to a report The Chicago Sun-Times.

Trump announced plans to deploy federal law enforcement units to Chicago and Albuquerque, the latest instance of domestic intervention by the federal government.

As Politico reported:

The initiative will send “hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers” from the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Department of Homeland Security to both cities “ to help drive down violent crime,” Trump stated.

But Krasner released a statement condemning Trump's move:

My dad volunteered and served in World War II to fight fascism, like most of my uncles, so we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping Americans for exercising their constitutional rights and trying to make America a better place, which is what patriots do. Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps people will face criminal charges from my office. At trial, they will face a Philadelphia jury. It’s the least we can do to honor those who fought fascism, including those who are fighting it even now.

Krasner also said that while “there’s nothing unusual about feds being involved in law enforcement in the city," a per Bloomberg CityLab.

He added there had been a "politicization of a normal relationship between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement."

Krasner also appeared to compare officers to Nazis.

“And what is really unusual is the apparently illegal stormtrooper tactics that have been used by federal law enforcement in Portland."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also implied federal officers are like nazis.

“We’re dealing with a shiny object that the president is waving around to distract from his outrageous failures in many other areas,” Krasner claimed.

“And to try to use his usual tactics of neo-fascist division, hate, and racism to improve his almost deceased campaign.”

“If we have clear probable cause for the commission of crimes, by anyone, including law enforcement, including federal law enforcement, we will prosecute that,” Krasner continued.

“We’re not going to tolerate any kidnappings and assaults going on in Philadelphia streets. We’re not going to tolerate showing up under the guise of making things safer and [instead] causing violence.”

krasner made numerous political attacks during the interview  claiming that trump was  perfectly willing to act like putin © press
Krasner made numerous political attacks during the interview, claiming that Trump was 'perfectly willing to act like Putin'

Krasner made numerous political attacks during the interview, claiming that Trump was “perfectly willing to act like Putin.”

“He’s perfectly willing to act like some historical Argentinian dictator,” Krasner claimed.

“He likes it. He likes the image of the strong man. Never mind that he avoided military service. He wants to be a strong man who is somehow going to use his singular force and not let any law or constitution get in the way to get what he wants. That’s all a bunch of crap.”

“This has nothing to do with actual law enforcement,” Krasner claimed without evidence.

“It is a diversion of tax funds to try to bolster a campaign that is close to defunct. It’s just the worst kind of deception, division, and hate, and we all know what happens to haters, which is they lose.”

On Tuesday night, Chicago's Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted:

“Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.”

President Donald Trump tweeted about Chicago on Sunday, writing:

“The Radical Left Democrats, who totally control Biden, will destroy our Country as we know it."

"Unimaginably bad things would happen to America. Look at Portland, where the pols are just fine with 50 days of anarchy. We sent in help."Look at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. NO!”

The rising gun violence has become significantly more pronounced in places like New York, Portland, Chicago, and Seattle.

Trump warned Mayors to deal with the violence before he deals with it himself by sending in the federal police.

Chicago saw 50 shootings resulting in the death of 8 people in just one weekend.

Those included a 14-year-old boy, a 21-year-old man, and a 27-year-old woman had shots fired at them as they stood on a sidewalk, according to WMAQ-TV.

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