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German State Bans Burkas from Schools: 'They Do NOT Belong in Free Society'

Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany announces the new ban

 on 23rd July 2020 @ 12.00pm
the german state of baden w rttemberg has banned burkas from schools © press
The German state of Baden-Württemberg has banned burkas from schools

A German state has banned Islamic burqas from being worn in schools, declaring that the full-face coverings do not belong in a free society. 

The Southwest German state of Baden-Württemberg announced the ban on Tuesday. 

The use of such coverings for teachers has already banned been banned by the state.

State Premier Winfried Kretschmann said that a ban was required due to some exceptional cases.

However, Kretschmann said it was rare for school girls to wear burqas.

The new rule will apply to all girls who attend primary and secondary schools in the state.

the state government determined that the islamic face coverings are  symbols of oppression © press
The state government determined that the Islamic face coverings are 'symbols of oppression'

Kretschmann added that such coverings, which are usually worn by conservative Muslim women and girls, do not belong in a free society, according to The Daily Mail.

Although he admitted that banning them at the university level was a more complex matter.

Members of Germany's ruling CDU party have long called for a ban on full-face coverings in schools. 

The country's left-wing Green party has been divided on the issue, but in Baden-Württemberg, Green party leaders were in agreement with the CDU, with state party leaders Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand referring to the burqa and the niqab as "symbols of oppression."

Other party members have argued that a ban could stoke tensions and negatively impact cultural integration.  

It comes after a ruling earlier this year which saw a court in Hamburg overturn its own ruling on full-face coverings. 

In February, a German court overturned a school's niqab ban after a 16-year-old girl was told she had to show her face to teachers. 

Hamburg education officials had ordered the girl's mother to ensure that her daughter did not wear the veil at school, a decision which an administrative court overruled. 

State law does not currently permit the authorities to impose such a ban, the court said in a statement.

The teenager, who is studying retail sales, has "a right to unconditional protection of her freedom of belief" the statement added.

teachers and students will now be banned from wearing burkas in schools © press
Teachers and students will now be banned from wearing burkas in schools

Hamburg's social-democratic education senator Ties Rabe immediately said that he would seek to change the state law.

Each German state has its own education ministry, and the 16 states have differing laws on headscarves in schools.

In 2015, Germany's Constitutional Court overturned a blanket ban on teachers wearing them, ruling that it was against religious freedom.

However, eight of Germany's states maintain restrictions on wearing the hijab by female teachers.

Germany's neighboring countries including The Netherlands, France, Austria, and Denmark have introduced a so-called "burqa ban" to varying degrees.

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