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Ted Cruz: If Democrats Win Texas 'It’s All Over for The Republican Party'

Senator issues warning as Trump campaign narrowly leads Biden in state

 on 20th July 2020 @ 8.00pm
president trump is narrowly leading joe biden in texas by an average of 2 percent © press
President Trump is narrowly leading Joe Biden in Texas by an average of 2 percent

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has warned that if the Democrats take Texas and its 38 electoral votes, it would be “all over” for the Republican Party.

“Texas is the single biggest target for the left in 2020, politically speaking,” Cruz said in a video tweeted by The Hill.

He continued:

“Texas is the key for national domination for years to come."

"If Democrats win Texas, it’s all over," he added.


President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in Texas by an average of 2 percent, RealClearPolitics reports.

joe biden targeted texas with a modest advertising investment last week © press
Joe Biden targeted Texas with a modest advertising investment last week

The last time Texas went for a Democrat was back in 1976, with Jimmy Carter, Washington Examiner noted.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stressed Republicans needed to win big, warning he didn't know "if we'll ever have an opportunity to win it again."

"They will change the rules of the game," McCarthy told host Sean Hannity.

"How we vote, they will change — you know, in California, they allow people who are not even citizens to vote in school board races. "

"You know, in California, they lowered the voting age to 17. Do you know, in California, that you could turn your ballot in 17 days after the election? "Those are things they're doing right now," he added.

Joe Biden targeted Texas with a modest advertising investment last week.

The Biden campaign said the ad was part of a "mid-six-figure" investment also spread across Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh said the investment was "a total phony" media buy designed to generate positive press.

 texas is the key for national domination for years to come   cruz said © press
'Texas is the key for national domination for years to come,' Cruz said

"We hope that Joe Biden thinks Texas is in play, and we encourage him to spend money there," he said.

"We have far more resources than Joe Biden does," Murtaugh added.

Murtaugh also referenced the fact that the Trump campaign has a massive cash advantage.

"He would have to outraise us by more than a million dollars a day every day until the election, and he still couldn't catch us," Murtaugh said.

"We encourage him to spend money in states like Texas. That is money down the drain," he stated.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are continuing to push for mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

AG William Barr stood behind President Donald Trump's firm stance on mail-in voting, warning it “absolutely” opens the flood gates to voter fraud.

Barr told Fox News he is concerned the mail-in voting would undercut "the confidence in the integrity" of the US voting system.

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