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Trump: AG Barr Seeking Death Penalty for MS-13 Child Killer

Gang member killed seven Americans, including two High School teen girls

 on 16th July 2020 @ 1.00pm
president trump described ms 13 gang member alexi saenz as  bloodthirsty © press
President Trump described MS-13 gang member Alexi Saenz as 'bloodthirsty'

President Donald Trump has revealed that Attorney General Bill Barr is seeking the death penalty for a "bloodthirsty" MS-13 gang member behind the deaths of seven Americans, including two high school teen girls.

Barr is pushing for the federal death penalty for Alexi Saenz, who faces multiple murder changes that include the 2016 killings of two New York teenage girls.

Speaking from the Oval Office, surrounded by Barr and other law enforcement officials, President Trump explained that his administration will seek execution for those who kill children.

"The DOJ has also announced that it will seek the death penalty for a bloodthirsty MS-13 leader responsible for the despicable killing of seven Americans, including two teenage girls," Trump said.

"We think the monsters who murder children should be put to death," he added.

Saenz was arrested in March 2017 and charged with murder for the September 13, 2016 killings high school students Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 16, of Brentwood, New York.

alexi saenz is  a bloodthirsty ms 13 leader responsible for the despicable killing of seven americans  including two teenage girls   trump said © press
Alexi Saenz is 'a bloodthirsty MS-13 leader responsible for the despicable killing of seven Americans, including two teenage girls,' Trump said

The indictment said the girls had been attacked with baseball bats and a machete a week after they had an altercation with MS-13 gang members, according to The Daily Mail.

In June 2018, Saenz was charged with additional crimes, according to a release from the DOJ

They revolved around his involvement in the killings of Oscar Acosta, who was beaten with tree limbs and tied up by other gang members.

Saenz, the leader of the Brentwood chapter of the so-called "Sailors clique," was then called and Acosta was loaded into the trunk of a car and driven to a wooded area where he was stabbed and slashed to death with a machete.

His body wasn't recovered for four months. 

Saenz was also involved in the October 2016 murder of Javier Castillo, who the MS-13 members believed to be associated with a rival gang.

He was also attacked and killed by machete.

His body wasn't recovered for a year.  

Three days later, Saenz and several MS-13 members struck again and murdered Dewann Stacks, who they also suspected was in a rival gang.

He was killed with a baseball bat and machetes.  

Saenz was charged with a sixth murder in July 2019 - the killing of Esteban Alvarado-Bonilla, who, once again, was suspected of being a rival gang member.  

In November 2019, Saenz was charged with a seventh murder, that of 29-year-old Michael Johnson. 

Newsday reported that Johnson may have been wearing a color associated with a rival gang.

The death penalty announcement was part of a briefing Barr was giving to Trump about what "Joint Task Force Vulcan," a group Barr set up to eradicate MS-13, had accomplished. 

Barr described how MS-13 is unique, explaining that the gang wasn't driven by commercial interest like the mob. 

"It's about the honor of being the most savage, bloodthirsty person you can be and building up the reputation as a killer," Barr said.

"This is in someway a death cult."

However, he added, MS-13 is involved in human and narcotics trafficking to finance the operation.  

But the basic purpose, Barr said, is "violence and terrorizing people."

He then acknowledged three recent moves made by the feds to take on MS-13.  

First was to pin terrorism charges on MS-13 leader Armando Eliu Melgar Diaz, who goes by the nickname of "Blue," in a Virginia-based case. 

"We're using terrorism, which gives us extra strength," Trump explained.

They also took down the "Hollywood clique," as it's called, which operated in Nevada, California, and in the Eastern District of New York, which is Long Island. 

Then Barr mentioned how the government was now seeking the death penalty for Saenz.

15 year old nisa mickens  left  and 16 year old kayla cuevas  right  were brutally beaten to death in new york © press
15-year-old Nisa Mickens (left) and 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas (right) were brutally beaten to death in New York

In New York, a non-death penalty state, capital punishment is rarely pursued. 

But Trump said there was "good agreement" on using the death penalty to punish Saenz. 

"These people murder children and they do it as slowly and viciously as possible," Trump said. 

"We will not allow these animals to terrorize our communities and my administration will not rest until every member of MS-13 is brought to justice," Trump added.

The presdient again used the term "animals" to describe the gang members, something he previously took flak for from Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi in 2018.

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