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Chance the Rapper Urges Fans to Back Kanye West Over Joe Biden

Music star says he doesn't 'trust' Democratic presidential nominee to lead America

 on 14th July 2020 @ 3.00pm
chance the rapper says he trusts kanye west more than joe biden © press
Chance the Rapper says he trusts Kanye West more than Joe Biden

Chance the Rapper has called on his fans to vote for Kanye West over Joe Biden in the November election, arguing that he doesn't "trust" the Democratic presidential nominee.

On Monday, Chance, real name Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, seemingly endorsed West while slamming former Vice President Biden.

Last week, West announced that he will be running for president this election cycle.

Chance, who grew up in Chicago like West, took to Twitter to challenge Biden supporters and those who support the two-party system.

The music star seemed to dispute the narrative that black Americans should vote for Democrat Biden.

Seemingly boosting the fellow rapper, Chance quoted a video post from West, captioning the re-tweet: “And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden."

chance says he trusts fellow rapper kayne west more than joe biden © press
Chance says he trusts fellow rapper Kayne West more than Joe Biden

"Smfh. (shaking my f***ing head)," Chance added to the tweet.

In a follow-up, he challenged those who are “pro two-party system.”

“Ima keep it real alota u n****s is racist,” the 27-year-old rapper added.

“Are u more pro biden or anti ye (West) and why?” Chance asked his fans on Twitter.

“I get that you’ll want to reply that you’re just tryna ‘get trump out’ but in this hypothetical scenario where you’re replacing Trump, can someone explain why Joe Biden would be better??”

In response to criticism, Chance said he understood that some people may “trust” Biden more than West, but made it clear he did not feel the same way.

“I understand,” he told his critics.

“Yall trust Biden more than yall trust Ye.

"I think I understand why, I just don’t feel the same way.”

“Ok this is me slowly trying to get down from this hill without falling and dying: Whoever you vote for I hope they abolish the prison system as we know it, honor black reparations and all treaties with Indigenous folk and lastly end homelessness,” he added.

“Whomever that may be God bless em.”

“Ok sprinting down the hill now: I understand the improbability of Ye winning the 46th Presidential seat and I understand that everyone voting for Biden isn’t necessarily doing so enthusiastically,” Chance concluded.

“I am for black liberation and do not accept my recent endorsement from Terry Crews.”

The Terry Crews reference was made in response to the actor, who has publicly challenged the far-left Black Lives Matter movement, agreeing with a tweet from Chance.

joe biden and democrats are trying to convince young black americans that he s their man © press
Joe Biden and Democrats are trying to convince young black Americans that he's their man

Chance broke rank from the left’s narrative, that black people have to be Democrats, back in 2018.

The move appeared to be similarly inspired by West.

The same day Kanye West famously tweeted explicit support for President Donald Trump, Chance the Rapper expressed his support for freedom of thought.

“Black people don’t have to be democrats,” Chance tweeted.

The Grammy Award-winning music star has been open about his previous support for Democrats like twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

His tweet was certainly not an assertion to Republican ideology, but more an expression of support for freedom of thought, seemingly taking a note from Kanye.

The tame statement, however, set off a firestorm of backlash against Chance.

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