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UK BLM Leader Calls for 'Black Militia' to 'Fight' Cops: 'Police No Different to KKK'

Far-left activist brands police 'terrorists' and urges crowd to stand up to 'Jewish man'

 on 14th July 2020 @ 12.00pm
the black lives matter speaker told the crowd that  the police is no different from the kkk © press
The Black Lives Matter speaker told the crowd that 'the police is no different from the KKK'

A UK Black Lives Matter leader has called for the formation of a "black militia" to "fight" British authorities, arguing that "the police is no different from the KKK."

The far-left activist made the remarks during a speech at a London BLM protest where she also made anti-capitalist and anti-Israel statements and urged the crowd to stand up to the "Jewish man."

The speaker called for a revolution in the UK, insisting that a “Black Militia” is needed to fight racism, which she claims “thrives on capitalism.”

On Sunday, hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters marched in London to Parliament Square outside the Houses of Parliament from Marble Arch in Hyde Park.

Pro-communism and anti-police rhetoric appeared to be a common theme throughout the "anti-racism" protests.


the anti police sentiment has been spreading the uk amid the black lives matter protests © press
The anti-police sentiment has been spreading the UK amid the Black Lives Matter protests

In a video filmed by Breitbart, one of the speakers at the rally — a black woman dressed in paramilitary-style garb — is seen leading chants of “take it to the streets… f**k the police” and “no justice, no peace.”

The far-left speaker said that she was not “scared of no terrorist group,” but added that: “The police is no different from the KKK.

"They stand around and protect statues and buildings instead of people.”

She also called for the creation of a “Black Militia” explaining that: “I’m not saying it because I want people to fear and think we’re coming violent.

"What we’re saying is: you push we push, you fight we fight.

"Peace is not peace until you recognize our life, and we’re not gonna lay down anymore.”

Addressing the accusations of antisemitism levied at the BLM UK organization, the speaker said that it is not antisemitic to “say free Palestine.”

She added: Don’t let no Jewish man create a way to be unheard, to make you unheard.

"Silence is violence, if we keep silent we are also a part of that oppression.”

The leftist radical went on to pronounce that “British value does not exist because they took his values from all around.”

She concluded by pronouncing that there is “one solution: revolution!”


Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage has described the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK as a new form of the Taliban for their attacks on British statues and historical monuments.

Last Week, Mr. Farage said that the agenda of the movement is so radical that it would would make Lenin blush.”

the black lives matter speaker told the crowd   don   t let no jewish man create a way to be unheard © press
The Black Lives Matter speaker told the crowd: 'Don’t let no Jewish man create a way to be unheard'

Farage warned that their true goal is not to achieve racial equality but rather to destroy Western civilization.

“This is about all-out Marxism,” the Brexit Party leader concluded.

"It’s about the destruction of capitalism.

"It’s about getting rid of the nation-state as we know it.

"Of course, it’s about defunding the police."

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