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NY Sheriff Warns 'We're Starting to Lose Control' as 2 Elderly Men Stabbed on Subway

Violent crime and shootings are skyrocketing in Mayor Bill de Blasio's New York City

 on 13th July 2020 @ 12.00pm
sheriff errol toulon warns new york city is  starting to lose control  of the violence © press
Sheriff Errol Toulon warns New York City is 'starting to lose control' of the violence

A Long Island sheriff has warned that New York City authorities are "starting to lose control" of the skyrocketing violence after two elderly men were stabbed with scissors on the subway in NYC last week.

Violent crime is surging in New York City, where shootings have soared over 200 percent in recent weeks.

The rise in violence follows Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to slash the NYPD budget and eliminate its controversial plainclothes units, impacting about 600 officers.

Last week, there was yet another barbaric act of violence when a man stabbed two elderly passengers during a stabbing spree in an NYC subway.

During the July 4 weekend, the city saw 21 shootings that left 44 people injured and eight dead.

"When you see the vandalism in all our own communities - when you see the assaults, you see Molotov cocktails being thrown at law enforcement vehicles, you have to start to realize that, we're starting to lose control," warned Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon.

two elderly men were stabbed while riding on the nyc subway © press
Two elderly men were stabbed while riding on the NYC subway

"And once we start to lose control, we're not losing control to peaceful protesters, these are criminals," Sheriff Errol Toulon told Fox News. 

"And so once we start to relinquish authority to them, we're going to have chaos in our streets."

According to police, the subway attack started at 7:30 am July 5 in Queens when Patrick Chambers, 46, shouted at two elderly men sitting across from him: "Why aren't you home with your kids?"

Chambers lunged at a 71-year-old man with scissors, stabbing him in the stomach.

A second man, also in his 70s, tried to intervene and was himself slashed with scissors.

The attack, on the 7 train near 52nd Street and Lincoln Avenue, was posted on Facebook by Patrick Gordon and spread rapidly on social media.

A woman can be heard shrieking in the background. 

A man is heard yelling: "Get off the train!"

Chambers appears to kick at the men on the floor before walking away to the other end of the subway car, then return to one of the men, jabbing him at least once with the blade.


Both victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Chambers was taken to a local hospital for a psychological evaluation and charged with two counts of assault, two counts of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, which cops recovered from the suspect, police said.

Sheriff Toulon, whose Long Island district borders New York City, said there were many reasons for the uptick in violence, but bail reform laws played a part. 

He said judges should be more forceful in denying bail for dangerous criminals.

"We should hold the judges accountable and make them explain why individuals are obtaining bail [and] if there are particular groups that seem to be targeted by a particular judge," said Toulon. 

"That's where I believe that we should be focusing our attention on not changing laws or giving individuals the opportunity to return back."

Former police commissioner Ray Kelly said on Fox News that bail reform could be changed "very easily just by giving judges the discretion to keep people in custody who are a danger to society."

 we re not losing control to peaceful protesters  these are criminals   sheriff errol toulon told fox news © press
'We're not losing control to peaceful protesters, these are criminals,' Sheriff Errol Toulon told Fox News

On June 29 Bill de Blasio, the Democrat mayor of New York, announced he was slashing $1 billion from the New York Police Department (NYPD) annual $6 billion budget.

Calls to defund the police, reducing the cost of policing and directing the money to social work instead, have proliferated since the May 25 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

De Blasio said he hoped the budget cut would improve the efficiency of the NYPD - the largest force in the United States.

"I am excited to say that we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution, and at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe," he told reporters.

The deal involves moving school safety agents, who are unarmed but wear police uniforms, into the Department of Education, canceling a July class of roughly 1,100 police recruits, and shifting certain homeless outreach operations away from police control. 

On top of the $1 billion cuts in operating expenses, there will be a more than $500 million cut to the NYPD's capital budget, with the money instead used to build youth recreation centers and for public housing developments, de Blasio said.

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