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Black Lives Matter Mural Painted Over with 'All Lives Matter' - Leftists Implode

Activists claim lettering was altered 'out of hatred' - police investigating

 on 11th July 2020 @ 12.00am
the blm mural on a chicago street was altered to read  all lives matter © press
The BLM mural on a Chicago street was altered to read 'All Lives Matter'

A Black Lives Matter mural painted on a Chicago street has been mysteriously altered to read "All Lives Matter."

Far-left BLM activists imploded when they discovered the modified artwork earlier this week, however.

"If they cannot understand that all lives don't matter until black lives matter, they did this out of hatred," activist and mural organizer Cortlyn Kelly told WLS-TV.

On Wednesday morning, crews were working to clean the mural in the village of Oak Park, the station noted.

Police are now reportedly investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

One activist argued that using the term "all lives matter" is "perceived" as "racist."

the chicago street was painted by activists in june to read  black lives matter © press
The Chicago street was painted by activists in June to read 'Black Lives Matter'

The mural was created over two days in June by about 20 volunteers, according to The Blaze.

WLS added that the intent was to make it more colorful than other BLM murals around the country since June is Pride month.

Oak Park resident Cullen Benson approached the Oak Park Area Arts Council with the idea in the wake of George Floyd protests, WLS noted, adding that Benson said the mural "is a piece of history to influence generations to come."

Camille Wilson White, Arts Council executive director, told the station that seeing the mural "vandalized, defaced this way, it's shameful."

"The village is a place of inclusion and to have someone come and destroy someone else's work is disrespectful and disgusting," resident Yolanda Taylor told WLS.

But fellow resident Greg Mayor noted to the station that "if all lives matter, then black lives matter — and why would that upset you other than if you have a different agenda ... than all lives matter?"

as violent crime skyrockets in nyc  mayor bill de blasio is seen painting  black lives matter  outside trump tower © press
As violent crime skyrockets in NYC, Mayor Bill de Blasio is seen painting 'Black Lives Matter' outside Trump Tower

By Wednesday night the mural was restored and activists added chalk phrases and drawings to underscore the message, WLS said.

The Revolutionary Oak Park Youth Action League also organized a demonstration that attracted about 100 people and continued its call to defund and pull police from schools, the station said.

Ray Longstreet added to those who painted over the mural that "if you were brave enough to come out here and cover this up, you should be brave enough to come be a man and just tell us what you did."

"If you hear Black Lives Matter and immediately your response is to say 'All Lives Matter,' [that] says a lot about how you perceive race," Makayla Pye said, according to WLS.

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