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Black Lives Matter Leader Demands Police 'Completely Abolished' Within 5 Years

BLM chair YahNé Ndgo says prisons and military bases must also be shut down

 on 10th July 2020 @ 3.00pm
black lives matter leader yahné ndgo is demanding police  prisons  and military bases are shut down © press
Black Lives Matter leader YahNé Ndgo is demanding police, prisons, and military bases are shut down

The leader of Black Lives Matter's Philadelphia arm is demanding the "complete abolition" of police in America within five years.

The city's BLM chair YahNé Ndgo told Fox News during a Tuesday interview that the radical-left organization's leaders "don't want to see any police in our community."

"One of the things that we are demanding over five years is the complete abolition," she said.

"We don't want to see any police in our community."

Ndgo laid out the Black Lives Matter organization's five-year plan, which includes ending policing, and shutting down prisons and foreign military bases.

"Over the course of those five years, it gives time for the community to begin to build what is needed," she said.

yahné ndgo says black lives matter wants police budgets cut to  zero © press
YahNé Ndgo says Black Lives Matter wants police budgets cut to 'zero'

The activist told the outlet that the community should deal with issues using the money that would have been given to the police department.

"There are plenty of people who have been murdered as a result of mental health checks," Ndgo said.

"The police came, and then they murdered the person, even though the person was acting erratically, which is what you would expect of a person who's having a mental health crisis.

"Domestic confrontations are also things that police are often called for.

"And these are kinds of situations that can be handled by different kinds of professionals.

"As it relates to more violent crime, there would still be trained individuals who are prepared to handle those kinds of situations," she continued.

"Quite often, if there is violence happening, by the time the police arrive, that has already occurred and particularly in poor neighborhoods and in black and brown communities.

"So the police are not really a resource for preventing that kind of crime from happening. Just a response."

In June, while speaking to the Associated Press, Ndgo revealed the Black Lives Matter's plan is to, not just reduce police funding, but to "get the budget to zero." 

The police department was trying to increase its budget by $14 million but relented after last month's unrest.

The $14 million was moved elsewhere, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

BLM Philadelphia also wants to see changes on a federal level.

Ngdo said that the president has the authority to call in the National Guard irrespective of whether the governors or mayors approve it, a power they view as perpetrating "danger and harm."

"You see now, the president can have any kind of mindset," Ngdo cautioned.

"And then (they) have a local military force at his or her disposal in order to push that mindset onto communities.

"That would be one thing really important, to transform that policy."

She said introducing socialism in America would be another critical change, arguing that it is up to the "federal government to actually prioritize the financial discrepancies and inequities in all of our communities."

"The wealth of the nation is very much into the hands of a very small group of people," Ngdo said.

"And the result of that is a massive amount of poverty and poverty, as often, as I mentioned earlier, is a big reason that a lot of crime happens."

black lives matter has been leading the far left anti police movement across america © press
Black Lives Matter has been leading the far-left anti-police movement across America

Black Lives Matter envisions programs led by the Department of Defense coming to an end.

This includes any program that "takes military-grade equipment and transfers it into local police departments," as well as the Trump administration's 2019 Relentless Pursuit program that gives funding to local police departments. 

"It just increases the resources to these police terror groups," Ngdo said.

"And so shifting those resources from that, you have these federal resources that are being used in these ways that could easily be shifted into the communities to address these issues around poverty."

She pointed out that "there are over 800 U.S. military bases around the world," in addition to the Pentagon's AFRICOM program, "which puts military bases in almost every country on the African continent." 

According to Pentagon maps published by The Intercept in February, there appear to be U.S. bases on 29 of the 54 countries that make up Africa.

Those bases, she said, should be defunded.

"(Defunding) these particular programs would provide massive amounts of resources for the communities in the United States, and that would mitigate most of the problems that create the so-called problem of crime," Ngdo claimed.

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