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Pro-Trump Democrat: ‘Joe Biden Is The Full-Blooded Bigot’

Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones blasts former vice president in op-ed

 on 8th July 2020 @ 6.00pm
rep vernon jones also called out the democrats and joe biden for their past bigotry © press
Rep Vernon Jones also called out the Democrats and Joe Biden for their past bigotry

Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat, took aim at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, declaring him a “full-blooded bigot.”

Jones has been targeted by members of his own party in recent months after he came out in support of President Donald Trump.

In an op-ed published by The Daily Caller, Jones wrote:

“Since that day in May, when I announced I would support Donald Trump for president, my motives have been questioned, my integrity assailed, even my intelligence challenged. That’s okay."

"That’s okay. I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I am also a black man, the son of a World War II veteran, and a proud American.”

Jones also called out the Democrats for supporting calls defund the police, noting that he previously served as former Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County, Georgia.

 jones highlighted the enormous black unemployment rate while joe biden served as vice president © press
Jones highlighted the enormous black unemployment rate while Joe Biden served as vice president.

The “Defund the Police” movement “will only lead to more pain and suffering in our most vulnerable communities," Vernon stated.

“I’ve had the experience of dealing with police shootings and comforting the families of victims,” he wrote.

“But at the same time, I’ve also had the experience of losing two black police officers. I’ve had to comfort their families in the middle of the night and console their young children."

"I know firsthand when others are running away from chaos; police officers are running into the fight to protect and serve.”

Jone also wrote that Trump “was sickened by the death of George Floyd and fully committed to ensuring that he will not have died in vain.”

He then turned on Biden, highlighting the enormous black unemployment rate while he served as vice president.

The black unemployment "averaged a horrific 12.8 percent,” while the number of black Americans fell by just 145,000 over eight years.

“By comparison, more than double that number – 350,000 black Americans – were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration,” Jones pointed out.

he  noted trump had  spent his 3 5 years in office fighting to improve the lives of black americans © press
He noted Trump had 'spent his 3.5 years in office fighting to improve the lives of black Americans'

In April, Jones praised Trump calling him a transformative figure:

“A philosopher once said, ‘One courageous man in the crowd is a majority.’ I’ve got the courage to express my convictions.”

“I believe that Donald Trump is the best person to lead this country going forward.”

“There are a lot of African Americans who clearly see and appreciate he’s doing something that’s never been done before,” Jones told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the time.

Jones then noted Biden being responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, which decimated the black community:

Even before that, where was Biden for 36 years in the United States Senate on this issue? I’ll tell you. He was too busy shouting, “my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle.” That racial jungle he was referring to includes black and brown Americans like me. Right now, President Trump is being defined as a racist by the media, when in reality, Joe Biden is the full-blooded bigot.

Don’t take my word for it, take then-Senator Joe Biden’s own words for it. “The truth is, every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.” Now that Biden is running for president in a woke Democratic Party in 2020, he’s attempting to sweep his racist legacy under the rug. We can’t let him.

Joe Biden is directly responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, which decimated the black community. Biden authored the 1994 crime bill, which imposed mandatory minimum sentences, disproportionately putting hundreds of thousands of young black men in prison.

Jones closed his op-ed by warning the community that Biden “betrayed black Americans throughout his career."

He then noted Trump had “spent his 3.5 years in office fighting to improve the lives of black Americans."

“We cannot be tricked again," Jones stressed.

"They “only care about black people during election years.”

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