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Leftists Demand Christopher Columbus Monument Replaced with Black Transgender Statue

Activists demand statue torn down and replaced with one of Marsha P. Johnson

 on 4th July 2020 @ 1.00am
far left activist want the christopher columbus statue replaced with a black transgender monument © press
Far-left activist want the Christopher Columbus statue replaced with a black transgender monument

Leftists are demanding that the Christopher Columbus monument in New Jersey is torn down and replaced with a statue of a black transgender activist.

As so many statues are being attacked in the United States and elsewhere, activists are now demanding that monuments depicting titans of history like Christopher Columbus be replaced with gay, black drag queens.

"Woke" mobs believe statues of the intrepid Italian navigator and explorer, who changed the course of human history, should be torn down by revisionist leftists and replaced with a figure of Marsha P. Johnson in the trans icon's hometown in New Jersey.

So far, over 95,000 people have signed a petition calling for a statue of Johnson to replace Columbus in Elizabeth, NJ.

The petition is now fewer than 60,000 short of its goal.

The petition blasts Columbus, a popular theme among leftists in recent years, who complain about statues and a holiday celebrating the Italian explorer.

activist want to tear down down the statue of intrepid italian explorer christopher columbus © press
Activist want to tear down down the statue of intrepid Italian explorer Christopher Columbus

"The appropriateness of celebrating Christopher Columbus is something that has become more popular discourse in recent years,” the petition begins.

"Although it is widely taught that Columbus 'discovered' the Americas, he could not have ‘discovered’ land that was already occupied by indigenous groups.

"Many believe celebrating Columbus is glorifying European colonialism.

"Columbus is not a figure to be celebrated, as he enslaved and killed the Taíno.

"Him and his men also sexually abused Taíno women and girls, some as young as 9 years old.

"He was even arrested in his own time for crimes he committed against Spanish colonists, which included flogging and executions without trial."

In place of Columbus, the petition demands a statue of Marsha P. Johnson is erected.

"Marsha was revered and was an inspiration to many in the LGBT+ community,” the petition says of Johnson.

"She was a part of the Gay Liberation Front and staged a sit-in protest at NYU when the administration canceled a dance sponsored by gay organizations.

"She also co-founded Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) with her close friend Sylvia Rivera.

"They established a shelter for homeless, gay and trans kids called the STAR house, where they provided shelter, food, clothing, and emotional support.

"She was referred to as ‘Saint Marsha’ because of the things she did for New York’s LGBT+ community."

 black trans lives matter  activists want a black transgender statue to replace christopher columbus © press
'Black Trans Lives Matter' activists want a black transgender statue to replace Christopher Columbus

Johnson has gained notoriety in recent years, and especially in the past week when Google created a Google Doodle to honor Johnson and then donated $500,000 to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, the Associated Press reported.

“Through her advocacy for an inclusive LGBTQ+ movement and an end to police brutality, Marsha P. Johnson challenged the world to acknowledge the intersections of Black+ and Queer identity,”'s Inclusion Grantmaking Lead Maab Ibrahim told the AP at the time.

“’s efforts to end racial injustice and support LGBTQ+ organizations includes a grant to The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, an organization working to end violence against Black+ transgender women.”

As NBC notes, when Johnson was still alive, “there were no murals created in her honor; there were no institutes in her name; and there were certainly no monuments recognizing her activism.”

Johnson was found dead in the Hudson River, though friends insist the activist would never commit suicide.

Johnson did, however, suffer from mental illness, but friends argue that never manifested itself in suicidal tendencies, though it did sometimes make Johnson violent.

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