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Schiff Knew About ‘Bounties’ on US Soldiers But Hid Info from Congress

Anti-Trump Democrat learned of information in February, kept it secret, and took no action

 on 3rd July 2020 @ 7.00pm
schiff reportedly sat in the information since february and did nothing with it © press
Schiff reportedly sat in the information since February and did nothing with it

Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) knew of allegations that Russia was offering "bounties" for killing U.S. troops, but kept it hidden from Congress, according to a bombshell new report.

Rep. Schiff's aides reportedly first learned in February that the Russian military had placed prices on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan but took no action.

During a congressional trip to Afghanistan, Schiff's top Intelligence Committee staff was briefed on intelligence that Russia offered the Taliban bounties.

Following the briefing, however, Schiff sat on the information took no action while keeping the threat hidden from his congressional colleagues and President Donald Trump, sources told The Federalist.

So far, Schiff has refused to acknowledge that his staff was aware of the allegations.

When asked by a reporter whether he indeed knew of the intelligence before the New York Times story, Schiff responded: "I can’t comment on the specifics."

schiff attacked trump for not taking action in response to the russian bounty rumors while refusing to disclose that his own office was briefed in feb © press
Schiff attacked Trump for not taking action in response to the Russian bounty rumors while refusing to disclose that his own office was briefed in Feb

He has also acknowledged that Trump was never briefed on the intelligence, according to The Federalist’s Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway.

But none of this has stopped him from complaining that Trump took no action against Russia.

Schiff’s recent complaints that Trump took no action against Russia in response to rumors of Russian bounties are curious given that Schiff himself took no action after his top staff was briefed by intelligence officials.

As chairman of the intelligence committee, Schiff had the authority to immediately brief the full committee and convene hearings on the matter.

Schiff, however, did nothing.

He did not brief his committee on the matter, nor did he brief the gang of 8, which consists of top congressional leadership in both chambers.

Schiff is demanding that the Trump administration brief all of Congress about the unverified allegations, yet he himself did not ask for a briefing of the Intelligence Committee following the February briefing of his own staff.

Patrick Boland, a spokesman for Schiff on the intelligence committee, did not respond to a request for comment on Schiff’s inaction and declined to say why Schiff withheld the information from Congress for months.

Boland also did not explain why travel records regarding the Congressional staff delegation trip to Afghanistan had not yet been disclosed in the Congressional Record as required by law.

Schiff, who was the key driver behind failed Democrat attempts to impeach and remove President Donald Trump from office earlier this year about the president’s interactions with foreign leaders, also lied about his staff’s interaction with the so-called whistleblower, identified by Real Clear Investigations as Eric Ciaramella, prior to the so-called whistleblower filing his complaint against Trump.

adam schiff has been central to the democrats  anti trump campaign © press
Adam Schiff has been central to the Democrats' anti-Trump campaign

The California Democrat was also a main proponent of the Russia collusion hoax, falsely stating for years that he held “ample evidence of collusion” between President Trump and Russia.

A lengthy investigation of the theory by Special Counsel Robert Mueller ostensibly set up to find that evidence was unable to find any evidence of any collusion between any American and Russia.

Just as Schiff falsely claimed that he and his staff had no interaction with the anti-Trump leaker behind the impeachment push and falsely claimed he was privy to secret evidence of collusion with Russia, Schiff attacked Trump for not taking action in response to the Russian bounty rumors while refusing to disclose that his own office was briefed in February and did nothing in response.

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