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Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser: FBI Knew Of Allegations For 24 Years

Alleged victims of Epstein reported abuse in 1996

 on 3rd July 2020 @ 6.00pm
maxwell also groomed multiple minors for epstein   knowing that he had a sexual preference for underage girls © press
Maxwell also groomed multiple minors for Epstein, 'knowing that he had a sexual preference for underage girls'

An accuser of the late billionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has claimed the FBI was aware of the allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell as early as 1996.

Maxwell was arrested by FBI agents in New Hampshire on Thursday on multiple charges relating to sex abuse, including conspiracy to entice minors to engage in sexual acts.

The former girlfriend of the late billionaire was taken into custody at 8:30 a.m. in Bedford, N.H.

According to the indictment, the victims were as young as 14 years old, noting that both Epstein and Maxwell “knew that certain victims were, in fact, under the age of 18.”

Maxwell also groomed multiple minors for Epstein, “knowing that he had a sexual preference for underage girls," according to the indictment.

The grand jury indictment also noted that Maxwell and Epstein trafficked victims in the mid-1990s.

maria farmer was 25 when she met epstein in 1996  top    later seen outside us federal court in nyc on july 15  2019  following epstein s hearing © press
Maria Farmer was 25 when she met Epstein in 1996 (top) - later seen outside US Federal Court in NYC on July 15, 2019, following Epstein's hearing

The FBI interviewed two alleged victims in 2006, according to redacted documents obtained by the New York Times.

Those victims accused Maxwell and Epstein of sexually abusing them.

The two alleged victims also claimed that both the FBI and New York Police Department knew of the allegations against Maxwell and Epstein for 24 years.

Those claims were also highlighted in the Netflix documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.”

Painter Maria Farmer and her teenage sister Annie alleged they were both abused by Maxell and Epstein in 1996.

The Times reported that Maria Farmer was abused at Epstein’s large estate in Ohio, and Annie abused during a visit to New York.

Maria Farmer said she contacted both the New York Police Department and the FBI about the abuse.

Maria Farmer maintains the FBI would have a record of the contact.

annie stated maxwell  threatened to kill  her underage sister if they reported the sexual abuse  according to reports © press
Annie stated Maxwell 'threatened to kill' her underage sister if they reported the sexual abuse, according to reports

FBI spokeswoman Tina Jagerson failed to address questions about the Farmer sisters, along with the time scale it took for Maxwell to be arrested.

Maria Farmer said Epstein called her to hire her to acquire art for him, according to the Times.

She also claimed she witnessed young women coming in and out of Epstein's property but was told they were attending modeling auditions for Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

“They had a driver, and he would be driving along, and Ghislaine would say, ‘Get that girl,’” Maria Farmer told the Times.

“And they’d stop, and she’d run out and get the girl and talk to her.”

Annie stated Maxwell "threatened to kill" her underage sister if they reported the sexual abuse, according to reports.

The sisters, both vividly recall being groped by Epstein and Maxwell during the year they met them, in the summer of 1996, when Maria was 25 and Annie was just 16 years old.

The pair alleges that vicious threats from Maxwell met their attempts to report the suspected abuse.

Maria recently moved to a new home in the South for increased privacy.

She finally picked up painting again after relocating.

Clinton-tied convicted Epstein was found dead in his prison cell last year, where he was awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges.

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