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LAPD Morale At 'Record Low' Amid Anti-Cop Push: 'Why Put Our Families Through This'

‘It’s Simply Not Worth It Any Longer'

 on 30th June 2020 @ 4.00pm
an lapd source admitted  morale across the rank and file is at a record low © press
An LAPD source admitted 'morale across the rank-and-file is at a record low.

The Los Angeles Police Department's morale is at a “record low" as a result of the widespread Black Lives Matter protests and the leftist Democrat-driven 'defund the police' movement.

Director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Robert Harris, admitted officers feel “beaten” and “bruised” because of the protests, according to CBS Los Angeles.

An LAPD source told Breitbart News that “Morale across the rank-and-file is at a record low."

"Especially out on the street in patrol. We have been vilified and abandoned by the mayor, all but three of the city council members, as well as many business owners and residents of the city of Los Angeles.”

At the height of the violent riots in June, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti bowed down to pressure from 'defund the police' activists by announcing cuts of $150 million to the LAPD budget.

His announcement followed New York City's Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, who declared funds from the NYPD's $6 billion budget would be cut.

mayor eric garcetti bowed down to pressure from  defund the police  activists by announcing cuts of  150 million to the lapd budget © press
Mayor Eric Garcetti bowed down to pressure from 'defund the police' activists by announcing cuts of $150 million to the LAPD budget

LAPD officers would learn they would not be paid overtime for the additional hours tackling violent protestors.

As a result, many police have almost given up fighting crime.

“The citizens think crime and homelessness is bad now? They have seen nothing yet,” the LAPD source told Breitbart News.

“Wait till a couple of months go by. Pro-activity is all but gone. It sucks."

"But the community has allowed cops to be vilified."

“When there is blood in the streets, due to a drastic increase of out-of-control violent crime?"

"Then all the people, including businesses who have turned their backs on cops, will learn of the mistake they made on selling us out!

“With all the criminals getting out of jail, people will be at the mercy of the violent criminals. But that’s what the masses have asked for."

“The City’s Guard Dog will not be beaten any longer.”

director of the los angeles police protective league said officers feel  beaten  and  bruised  because of the protests © press
Director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said officers feel 'beaten' and 'bruised' because of the protests

The collapse in morale comes after decades of reform, which led to improvements in relationships between the police and the public.

“Cops are retiring and looking to leave ASAP. Why put our families through this garbage for an ungrateful public,” the LAPD source added.

“We can go to jail for simply doing our jobs. It’s simply not worth it any longer.”

Harris told CBS Los Angeles:

“I had one officer tell me that he feels like a Vietnam soldier returning home to a country that hates him, and that’s not a good place to be.”

The news comes as almost 300 New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers filed for retirement.

According to figures released to the New York Post, around 272 NYPD officers filed for retirement since protests broke out following the death of George Floyd.

Earlier this month, Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs called for “law and order" after weeks of civil unrest following the death of George Floyd.

Biggs said far-left groups have created “massive division” while “raising money” and pushing “Marxist principles.”

On Monday, Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome called for the 'defund the police' push to be treated like "a public health crisis."

Newsome argued that instead of increasing police, police should be defunded and provide resources that give people greater opportunities instead.

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