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Black Lives Matter Leader: 'Defund Police & Treat Crime Like a Health Crisis'

BLM activist Hawk Newsome doubles down on calls to abolish law enforcement

 on 29th June 2020 @ 1.00pm
black lives matter leader hawk newsome is demanding that crime is treated  like a health crisis © press
Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome is demanding that crime is treated 'like a health crisis'

Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome is doubling down on his calls to "defund the police" and demanding that crime is instead treated like "a public health crisis."

Newsome, New York's BLM "chairman," made the radical demands during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday.”

The far-left activist is calling for defunding of the police, law courts, and prisons across America while suggesting a different approach to combatting crime.

He cited the reasoning for his Marxist group's calls as being despair over the state of American politics when it comes to the African-American community. 

Newsome told host Chris Wallace that both parties have failed black people in the U.S. by not taking the appropriate position on reducing crime and catering more to corporations than people's problems.

"Black people do not trust politicians," Newsome said. "They don't trust Democrats. They don't trust Republicans."

newsome last week warned that black lives matter  will burn down the system  if demands are not met © press
Newsome last week warned that Black Lives Matter 'will burn down the system' if demands are not met

Newsome said black people also have an issue with "government overstepping its bounds," saying that policing is an example of this.

However, he didn't offer up any evidence to support his claims that these sentiments are unique to black people.

He said that the current view that crime requires additional policing is incorrect and that the country should look at crime as a public health crisis while examining why people commit crimes.

"They're desperate, they're poor, they're undereducated, and they are left out to dry by this American system of government," he said.

Newsome said that rather than increasing police, governments should defund the police and provide resources that give people greater opportunities instead.

"You must invest in people, you must give people jobs, you must make people employable," he said as a way to reduce crime.

Newsome told Fox News' Martha MacCallum on Wednesday that "if this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it."

President Trump called this "treason."

When asked about this on Sunday, Newsome insisted that he is not promoting violence.

"I’m not encouraging people to go out and hurt other people," he said.

He did say that "people lash out" as a matter of "inevitability" when they feel like they have no other option.

Host Chris Wallace referenced different approaches to seeking progress, citing Malcolm X's "by any means necessary" philosophy versus the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s strategy of working within the system.

Newsome said King was "a brilliant strategist" and "media savvy," and accused the current "elders" of the civil rights movement of being "bought off by the Democratic establishment."

newsome s black lives matter has been a driving force behind the anti police violence © press
Newsome's Black Lives Matter has been a driving force behind the anti-police violence

Newsome accused both the Obama and Trump administrations of failing black people by bailing out corporations and financial institutions like Wells Fargo that have discriminated in the past.

Newsome also noted how many white people are protesting alongside the black community.

Rather than vilifying them and writing them off as radicals, he said people should ask why they are joining the fight.

"They're fighting because the government has failed us," he said.

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