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Pelosi Gifts George Floyd’s Brother Folded American Flag

House speaker faces backlash after pandering photo op

 on 16th June 2020 @ 2.00pm
nancy pelosi gave a folded flag to george floyd s brother © press
Nancy Pelosi gave a folded flag to George Floyd's brother

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) gifted George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, a folded American flag incased in glass during a photo-op last Wednesday.

UPDATE: A previous version of this article stated that the folded American flag was reserved for the families of veterans and first responders, but this is not accurate. It was not a "special service flag" that can only be furnished for the families of dead veterans or first responders, but simply a flag that was flown over the Capitol and members are free to give them to whoever they choose. We have updated the title and the article to reflect this change.

The flag Pelosi presented to Philonise was “the flag that flew over the Capitol on the day of his brother’s murder," according to the House speaker's Facebook page.

The photo caption read:

“Philonise Floyd’s heart-wrenching testimony to the House Judiciary Committee left its mark on us all."

“May this flag, which flew over the Capitol on the day of his brother’s murder, serve as a symbol of our shared commitment to securing justice for George and all victims of police violence.”

pelosi   s facebook post of her presenting the flag to floyd s brother saw a massive backlash © press
Pelosi’s Facebook post of her presenting the flag to Floyd's brother saw a massive backlash

George Floyd died in May in police custody, which saw a police officer "restrain" him with his knee on the 46-year-old’s neck for over eight minutes.

Officer Derek Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder following Floyd's death.

But judging by the comments on Pelosi’s Facebook post, not everyone is happy with the flag being gifted to Floyd's brother.

george floyd died in may in police custody  which saw a police officer jailed © press
George Floyd died in May in police custody, which saw a police officer jailed

Below are a few of those comments:

"How completely disgusting and disrespectful. Stop your pandering because you are looking like such a fool."

"Dishonoring veterans, AND dishonoring the flag, AND not wearing a mask, AND not social distancing. What a disgrace to the office which you hold. Shame on you!"

"So disrespectful.. truly outdone herself.. someone, please explain to her that this is not ok."

"You had no right to do this. It is a disgrace. You are a disgrace. I hope you will be voted out. Take your plastic face and go hide somewhere."

"Wow, this old bad is virtue signaling like crazy ...she could care less about Floyd. I bet you don't even have a black friend; you would be the perfect example of privilege."

"You are one vile woman. You are a disgrace to this country. Your false empathy is so clear even Ray Charles can see through it."

"After forty years of her being a member of the house of representatives, I'm really certain she knows who may recieve our folded flags. Don't believe her should she state she didn't know. This is just as bad when her group was wearing the Kente cloth scarf. Just her playing the pandering game."

"You just crossed the line. You need to be removed. He has not served or done anything for this country."

"My wife has a lot of families that have served in the US military. This is straight-up disrespectful to all of them and to all the 100 of thousands of people that have fought and died for the country."

"You treacherous, disgusting witch. You are an absolute disgrace to mock all of those who have lost their lives while serving our great country. RESIGN."

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