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Howard Stern Hit with Backlash as Blackface Sketch Goes Viral, Blames Trump Jr.

Shock jock faces the wrath of 'cancel culture'

 on 15th June 2020 @ 11.00pm
the video  which surfaced last week  saw the nineties shock jock use the n word in his black face sketch © press
The video, which surfaced last week, saw the nineties shock jock use the N-word in his black face sketch

Nineties shock jock Howard Stern is facing the brunt of liberal cancel culture after his 1993 blackface sketch, in which he repeatedly used the N-word, went viral last week.

The video, which resurfaced last week, saw a user cut together his segment on a past episode of “The View” were he was asked about his past use of the N-word.

Stern, in one clip, is wearing minstrel-style makeup, mocks actor Ted Danson, who wore blackface as a “joke” at a New York City Friar’s Club event in 1993.

Stern vehemently denies ever using the word.

The video then cuts to the radio shock jock using the racial slur in comedy sketches, where he also appeared in blackface.

But Stern didn’t apologize.

stern went on to blame donald trump jr  for digging up the old videos © press
Stern went on to blame Donald Trump Jr. for digging up the old videos

Instead, he said, “the big headline is this: and this is my fear in all of this.

"I was able to change my approach and able to change my life and, you know, how I communicated."

"You know, if I had to do it over again, would I lampoon Ted Danson, a white guy in blackface, doing, you know — yeah, I was lampooning him, saying, hey, f***, I’m going to shine a light on this, but, would I go about this the same way now? Probably not.”

Then Stern added: “Not probably. Wouldn’t.”

Stern went on to blame Donald Trump Jr. for digging up the old videos.

What the president’s son did: Retweet a Twitter post about the videos.

Stern implied that President Trump was involved in the hit, too.

“They leak TV shows that have been on TV to the press,” he said.

“Dude, if you’re the president of the United States and you want to worry about me, go ahead.”

“Look, that was the show. I went into therapy and said, what is this? Do I always have to be the guy pulling my pants down?"


stern didn   t apologize for his blackface sketch were he used the n word © press
Stern didn’t apologize for his blackface sketch were he used the N-word

"Can I find a way to do the show where I can be a lot happier? Over the years, I did change the show,” Stern said.

“At the same point, I will say, it f***ing distresses me that Donald Trump Jr. and Donald themselves won’t go into psychotherapy and change,” he said.

“Attacking me during the coronavirus and Black Lives Matter is absolutely f***ing crazy, concentrating on me," Stern added.

"You want to concentrate on me and bully me, and expose me, with all the TV shows I’ve done? They’re all out there. There’s nothing new here.”

“I assume Donald [Trump] is putting [his son] up to this,” he added.

“According to the [New York] Post, they have sicced their dogs on me.”

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