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Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Has Mob-Enforced ‘Laws’ Without Due Process

After driving out police, CHAZ replaces law & order with armed thuggery

 on 15th June 2020 @ 3.00pm
seattle    autonomous zone    has driven out police and is using armed leftists mobs to enforce  justice © press
Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ has driven out police and is using armed leftists mobs to enforce 'justice'

Seattle's protester-seized "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" (CHAZ) is using heavily-armed leftist mobs to enforce its own "laws" that are being carried out without due process.

Protesters recently seized the six-block zone in the Washington city after driving police from the area and taking control of the SPD's East Precinct.

Activists controlling the self-declared CHAZ area have set up a sealed perimeter controlled by a quasi-Border Patrol to keep police and other unwanted people out.

The new laws appear to be enforced by armed thugs who are seemingly conducting deportations without due process.

The autonomous zone was formed by anarchists, Antifa members, and Black Lives Matter activists who are calling for police, law courts, and presumably prisons to be abolished in the city.

Organizers said the armed guards are there to defend CHAZ’s borders and have their weapons concealed.

chaz has set up quasi border patrol made up of armed leftists © press
CHAZ has set up quasi-Border Patrol made up of armed leftists

However, while organizers confirmed there are some armed guards at the CHAZ entrances, they claim the weapons are not visible, reported.

“It’s not our intent to try to create any paradox to try to incite violence or have that be a motif,” said demonstrator Maurice Cola.

“We’re not trying to use our guns to flash around — it’s for defense.” 

Cola said that people are welcome to come and go freely, without being stopped; claiming the guns are only to guard against "violent white supremacist groups."

Like its border controls, CHAZ is surrounded by a border wall via vehicle barriers as well as random fencing, as Breitbart News reported.

Opposite the United States’ deportation policy, though, occupants of CHAZ can be seemingly removed by a mob without any due process.

Last week, a man said he was deported from CHAZ for being pro-life.

The man was chased out of the autonomous zone by a mob taunting him.

The second known deportation from CHAZ involved a man whom onlookers said was chased out by a mob following a fight. A third deportation was seemingly conducted when a Christian street preacher was beaten up and dragged out of CHAZ after he said he expressed his religious beliefs.

Video footage posted online shows the two removals:

Unlike CHAZ, foreign nationals can only be removed from the U.S. if they have committed criminal acts, have entered illegally, are a threat to public safety, or if they have violated their visa.

U.S. deportation policy allows foreign nationals due process under the law, giving them the ability to appeal an order for removal or file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

armed thugs seized control of the east precinct and are blocking police from entering the six block zone © press
Armed thugs seized control of the East Precinct and are blocking police from entering the six-block zone

As Neon Nettle recently reported, people living inside Seattle’s newly minted autonomous zone have spoken out against CHAZ, saying activists have stripped them of their rights.

Tensions are now at an all-time high because not everyone agrees that the self-declared "warlord" Raz Simone should be the leader.

“A lot of these protesters do not agree with Raz becoming this warlord,” Shelby Talcott from The Daily Caller reported after speaking to residents inside the zone.

Talcott also spoke to a local resident, who only gave his first name due to fear of reprisal.

“You can see for yourself, you can see that we don’t have the right to vote for stuff here anymore,” Brandon said.

“You can see the demands when they say that we want the pensions away from every police officer in Seattle."

"They took our rights away. That’s not okay," he said.

"It’s not political. It’s just not okay.”

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