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Prince Andrew Sex Slave Accuser Hospitalized with Deadly Infection

Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking victim Virginia Roberts hits with serious illness

 on 15th June 2020 @ 1.00pm
prince andrew s accuser virginia roberts has been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis © press
Prince Andrew's accuser Virginia Roberts has been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis

Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking victim Virginia Roberts, who accused Britain's Prince Andrew of raping her three times when she was a teenager, has been hospitalized with a deadly infection, according to reports.

Roberts, now known by her married name Virginia Giuffre, has been admitted to the hospital after being struck down with bacterial meningitis.

The news comes after she was recently tested for COVID-19 due to developing symptoms. 

Early Friday, the 36-year-old tweeted from her hospital bed, saying she's been ill for the past three days after returning from a trip to the rainforest.  

"Back in the hospital - again," she wrote.

"This time bacterial meningitis. Went to the rainforest for the weekend with the fam and came back with something from the jungle."

virginia roberts alleges she taken a  sex slave  for pedophile jeffrey epstein when she was just 15 years old © press
Virginia Roberts alleges she taken a 'sex slave' for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when she was just 15 years old

"Day 3 - just had to get a spinal tap- talk about pain!" she added.

"Pls send me some love vibes from all my friends on Twitter."

Ms. Roberts suggested her immune system may have been compromised "with so much going on" in her life.

She told how she recently bought a dog, hoping it would help to relieve stress.

In April, Roberts said she had suffered breathing difficulties, a fever, and a cough.

Her coronavirus test came back negative and she said she was battling an upper respiratory infection and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Bacterial meningitis is the rapid inflammation of the tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord and is the most serious type of meningitis, according to the CDC.

It can cause death in as little as a few hours or permanent disabilities such as brain damage or hearing loss.

Ms. Roberts alleges she taken a "sex slave" for pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein and some of his associates when she was just 15 years old.

She claims she forced to have sex with Andrew three times - once in London, once at Epstein's "House of Horrors" Manhattan mansion, and once at the pedophile's home in the Caribbean. 

The Duke of York has repeatedly denied having sex with the American woman, calling the allegations "false" and "without foundation."

Meanwhile, Andrew is said to have admitted his Newsnight interview over his friendship with Epstein is a "source of regret."

His car crash appearance on the BBC last November, during which he denied knowing his sex accuser Ms. Roberts, led to him stepping down from public life.

During the interview, Andrew vehemently denied Ms. Roberts' claims that he raped her three times in 2001 when she was 17 years old.

On the night she alleges she was forced to sleep with him in London in March of that year, Andrew said he recalled visiting Pizza Express in Woking with Princess Beatrice.

The prince claimed he couldn't have raped Roberts that night because, in the evening, he was at the Woking restaurant, which is roughly a one-hour drive from London.

Andrew's feeling of regret came as it was revealed he will not co-operate with the ongoing criminal investigation into Epstein unless US authorities offer him "an olive branch."

virginia roberts claims she was raped by prince andrew on 3 separate occasions © press
Virginia Roberts claims she was raped by Prince Andrew on 3 separate occasions

Last week a diplomatic row broke out after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) wrote to the Home Office to ask formally to interview the Duke about his relationship with the late American financier, who died in jail last August while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking.

Andrew responded saying he had already offered his help as a witness on three occasions and accused prosecutors of breaking confidentially rules and issuing "complete lies."

It came after New York prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who is heading the inquiry into Epstein, said in January the Prince had provided "zero co-operation" to their investigation.

After Andrew's legal team said last week, he had offered to talk with the FBI, Mr. Berman responded by accused his lawyers of lying.

"Prince Andrew yet again sought to falsely portray himself to the public as eager and willing to co-operate with an investigation into sex trafficking and related offenses committed by Jeffrey Epstein and his associates," he said.

Calls are increasing for the Duke to lose his HRH title.

Writer Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace, said: "Prince Andrew is virtually retired and can no longer carry out royal duties.

"So surely he should give up the HRH title and the money he receives from the Privy Purse."

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