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Ghana Invites Black Lives Matter Protesters to Move to Africa if 'Unwelcome' in West

BLM and Antifa offered new lives in African country, away from Western 'racism'

 on 13th June 2020 @ 12.00pm
ghana s government says black lives matter protesters can move there if they feel  unwelcome  in the west © press
Ghana's government says Black Lives Matter protesters can move there if they feel 'unwelcome' in the West

Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture has invited Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters to move to Africa if they feel "unwelcome" in their Western country.

The West African nation gave an open invitation to those protesting against "white supremacy" and "racism" if they feel “unwanted” in the West.

The Ghanaian government stated that the offer is available to any African American who believes the climate in America makes them "feel unwelcome in the USA.”

"We continue to open our arms and invite all our brothers and sisters home," Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Barbara Oteng-Gyasi said, according to My State Line.

"Ghana is your home. Africa is your home.

"We have our arms wide open ready to welcome you home."

protesters now have a new option if western  racism  is too much for them © press
Protesters now have a new option if Western 'racism' is too much for them

"Please take advantage, come home build a life in Ghana, you do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever, you have a choice and Africa is waiting for you,” Oteng-Gyasi said, according to a NationalFile report.

The invitation comes as thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters around the world express their discontent for accusations of institutional and systemic racism in Western countries.

At a memorial for George Floyd, Oteng-Gyasi said: "Racism in America continues to be a deadly pandemic, for which for more than 400 years now, our brothers and sisters in the United States of America have yearned for a cure…

"We gather in solidarity with brothers and sisters to change the status quo.

"Racism must end. We pray and hope that George Floyd’s death will not be in vain but will bring an end to prejudice and racial discrimination across the world.”

Last year, The BBC wrote a piece about an African American who relocated to Ghana "to escape US racism.”

Dr. Obadele Kambon made the daring move to West Africa after what he believed was a racially-motivated arrest.

Kambon was put on trial in 2007 after being wrongly arrested in Chicago after police accused him of having a loaded firearm under his car seat–when it, in fact, was revealed that his licensed firearm was unloaded and in the trunk of his car.

He said, “Never again will I allow myself to be in a jurisdiction where corrupt white police officers and a judge will take me away from my family, wife, and kids just on a whim.”

antifa terrorists can escape  white supremacy  by moving to africa © press
Antifa terrorists can escape 'white supremacy' by moving to Africa

After making the move, Kambon states that he has not been a victim of racial profiling.

"Wow, this is what it must feel like to be a white person in America, just to be able to live without worrying that something is going to happen to you,” Kambon remarked.

Protesters continue to decry the injustices of an allegedly racist Western society, despite millions of people from third world countries vying to resettle in the West.

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