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Chicago Officials Blast Democrat Mayor in Audio Leak: Rioters 'Are Shooting Police!'

Trump proved right as leaked recording destroys Lori Lightfoot

 on 10th June 2020 @ 12.00am
chicago s democrat mayor lori lightfoot has been exposed in an audio leak  proving trump right © press
Chicago's Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been exposed in an audio leak, proving Trump right

Chicago officials were pleading with Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot to take bold action amid the violent riots and looting in the city, a bombshell leaked audio recording has revealed.

As violence in response to George Floyd’s death swept through the Windy City, distraught officials pleaded Mayor Lightfoot for help, warning that the vulnerable had lost access to medicine and food.

One city official can be heard weeping while others angrily decried what was going on in Chicago, according to a tape obtained by WTTW News of an online conference call among the city’s 50 aldermen and the mayor.

“My ward is a s--t show,” Ald. Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10th Ward) blasts.

“They are shooting at the police,” Sadlowski-Garza complains as she breaks down in tears while adding that cop cars and banks were burned.

“I have never seen the likes of this,” Sadlowski-Garza said. “I’m scared.”

one chicago official can be heard weeping while pleading with mayor lori lightfoot © press
One Chicago official can be heard weeping while pleading with Mayor Lori Lightfoot

After the death of Floyd in police custody last month, riots and protests broke out in cities across the country, with many being overwhelmed by the scale of the looting and violence -- even though largely peaceful protests have returned to the streets after that initial surge of unrest.

The call between Chicago's leaders was held Sunday, May 31, according to News Thud.

That day alone, there were 699 arrests -- primarily looters --  132 officers injured, 48 shootings and 17 homicides, according to CBS Chicago, as well as widespread damage to businesses and other property.

One alderman asked how seniors and vulnerable populations were supposed to get medicine and food if “every CVS, every Walgreens is shutting down.”

“How do businesses recover and why would they want to recover in our community?” another is heard asking.

Lightfoot herself recognized what she described as a “massive, massive problem.” 

Earlier she described rioters as "just f-----g lawless right now."

“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen s--t like this before, not in Chicago,” Lightfoot said.

 i have never seen the likes of this   ald  susan sadlowski garza said   i   m scared  © press
'I have never seen the likes of this,' Ald. Susan Sadlowski-Garza said. 'I’m scared.'

It's a sign of just how shocked and overwhelmed city officials across the country were by the rioting.

Many cities imposed curfews in response, which eventually helped reduce the outbreaks of crime.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, on Lightfoot's request, called in the National Guard to help deal with the crisis.

On the call, others took aim at Lightfoot herself for her response to the crisis.

One man, identified by WTTW News as Ald. Raymond Lopez, demanded that Lightfoot develop a plan to stabilize Chicago’s neighborhoods for five days, calling his Southwest Side ward “a virtual war zone” where armed gang members were threatening to shoot black people.

When he demanded she responds to the remarks, Lightfoot told him he was “100 percent full of s--t.”

“Well, f--k you then,” Lopez responded.

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