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BLM Protester Warns Against Having Children with White People - WATCH

Thousands converged in London's Parliament Square to protest the death of George Floyd

 on 8th June 2020 @ 4.00pm
radical speaker warns for inter racial couples of having chidlren © press
Radical speaker warns for inter-racial couples of having chidlren

A radical speaker at the Black Lives Matter demonstration in London, UK, called for activists to “overthrow the system” and warned against having “a child with a white person."

Thousands converged in Parliament Square to protest the death of George Floyd while defying the British Government's coronavirus lockdown orders.

In an exclusive video captured by Breitbart News, protestors were seen chanting “silence is racism,” “no justice, no peace… no racist police,” and the "UK is not innocent."

The protesters attempted to link police violence in the United States with the UK.

But one radical speaker took things a step further with a message for inter-racial couples:

“Do not have a child with a white person unless you know they are willing to do the work to support that child.”

 i am the product of an inter racial relationship that failed me   the radical speaker said © press
'I am the product of an inter-racial relationship that failed me,' the radical speaker said

The protester, who described being raised in a mixed-race family, said:

“I am the product of an inter-racial relationship that failed me."

"I was not educated on my history, I was not educated on my rights, and I was left feeling like I was aggressive as an innate part of me, not because of racism.”

“When I was bullied and told I was aggressive, I thought it was me; I thought I was the problem. I didn’t realize that the system was the problem,” she declared.

The speaker went on to demand people “have those difficult conversations with your racist grandad, with your racist grandma, because we need their votes at the end of the day."

"Until we have a revolution where we don’t need voting systems — the Labour Party, the Conservative Party — and I know those conversations are uncomfortable, but black people have been uncomfortable.”


the news comes london s famous memorial statue of sir  winston churchill was vandalized by blm rioters © press
The news comes London's famous memorial statue of Sir. Winston Churchill was vandalized by BLM rioters

In line with calls in the US to defund the police, she asked people to “research ways to defund the police, ways we can navigate this because we need change… enough is enough.”

“The protest does not end here, go home, educate yourselves, find the black radicals, be the black radicals we need to overthrow the system,” she urged.

The news comes after London's famous memorial statue of Sir. Winston Churchill was vandalized by BLM rioters on Saturday.

The former prime minister led the UK to victory over Nazi Germany during World War II.

The attack coincided with the 76th anniversary of D-Day - the joint Anglo-American invasion of occupied France.

Meanwhile, police guarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s residence at 10 Downing Street were also attacked by rioters.

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