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Mark Levin Torches Biden Over Anti-Trump Protest Speech: 'Unfit to Be President'

Conservative radio show host slams former vice president over response to riots

 on 5th June 2020 @ 12.00am
mark levin torched joe biden  saying he s  unfit to be president © press
Mark Levin torched Joe Biden, saying he's 'unfit to be president'

Conservative radio show host Mark Levin has nuked Joe Biden in response to the former vice president's anti-Trump speech on the George Floyd protests, declaring the presumptive Democratic nominee as "unfit to be president."

Levin torched Biden Wednesday morning following the ex-VP’s Tuesday speech on the protests over Floyd being killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Speaking in Philadelphia, Biden said he supported the protests while claiming that the country is “crying out for leadership.”

He criticized violence and looting that have stemmed from the protests.

But the former vice president drew widespread criticism by blaming the police for “escalating[ing] tension.”

Levin responded by saying “Biden has demonstrated, once and for all, that he is unfit to be president of the United States.”

biden attack president trump during a tuesday speech in philadelphia © press
Biden attack President Trump during a Tuesday speech in Philadelphia

In a Facebook post Levin said:

"Joe Biden has barely mentioned, let alone condemned, the looting, arson, and rioting in our cities; he has said nothing about the police officers maimed and murdered; he has said nothing about the innocent citizens beaten and killed by the rioters; he has said nothing about the small businesses destroyed; he has said nothing about the long-term damage being inflicted on inner-city neighborhoods; and, he has absolutely no prescription for putting down the violence and insurrection in these Democrat-run cities and states.

"After all, he barely even acknowledges the riots, fearful that it might harm his presidential ambitions."

"Biden is AWOL and incapable of protecting and defending the people of this country, their neighborhoods, and their communities.

"And while he talks about systemic racism — tearing down our country, our people, and our institutions as racist — apparently after nearly 50 years in public office he did nothing effective about it.

"How can you be president of a people and a nation you defame as systemically racist and unworthy of presidential protection and defense?"

trump campaign spokesperson katrina pearson said biden is siding with the rioters and looters for political gain © press
Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pearson said Biden is siding with the rioters and looters for political gain

President Trump’s re-election campaign also responded sharply to Biden's speech after he slammed the administration’s response to ongoing riots and attacked Trump for a Bible “photo-op.”

In his address at Philadelphia’s city hall, Biden claimed that Trump had ordered police to use tear gas to clear protesters from Lafayette Park so he could walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church, and hold up a Bible.

The historic church had been partially burned by rioters the night before.

Biden said in his speech:

"When peaceful protestors dispersed in order for a president, a president from the doorstep of the people’s house, the White House, using tear gas and flash grenades in order to stage a photo-op at one of the most historic churches in the country or at least in Washington, DC, we can be forgiven for believing the president is more interested in power than in principle.

"The president held up the Bible at St. John’s Church yesterday.

"I just wish he opened it once in a while instead of brandishing it."

In response, Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pearson said Biden is siding with the rioters and looters.

She also accused him of making up incorrect facts about what happened in Lafayette Park.

She also noted Biden’s history of insensitive racial remarks:

"Joe Biden’s campaign made it clear that they stand with the rioters, the people burning businesses in minority communities and causing mayhem, by donating to post bail for those arrested.

"He has obviously made the crass political calculation that unrest in America is a benefit to his candidacy.

"Biden has a history of cozying up to notorious racists in the Senate, he attempted to inflame race relations by claiming Republicans want to put Black Americans ‘back in chains,’ and told a Black radio host that Blacks who didn’t support him ‘ain’t Black.’

"He topped that off today by repeating the erroneous claim that protestors in Lafayette Park were tear gassed last night to clear a path for President Trump, when the Park Police says they used no tear gas and were not aware that the President was coming through.

"Over the course of his public life, Joe Biden has used the politics of racial division when they suited his needs and he is doing it again.

"In contrast, President Trump has addressed the nation twice, expressed horror and sorrow for the death of George Floyd, stood with the peaceful protestors, and made it clear that he would not abide our cities being overtaken by violent, uncontrollable rioters.

"President Trump is restoring the nation to order and is clearly the leader we need to return the country to peace and prosperity."

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