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French Academic Warns 'Anti-Racist Activists' Want to Trigger Race War in France

Eric Zemmour says far-left agitators are trying to spread racial tensions

 on 4th June 2020 @ 12.00pm
french academic eric zemmour is warning of a potential race war in france © press
French academic Eric Zemmour is warning of a potential race war in France

A prominent French academic is warning that "anti-racist activists" and far-left agitators are attempting to spread racial tensions and trigger riots across France in the hope of starting a race war.

Eric Zemmour, one of France’s leading intellectuals, was speaking about the US race riots which recently have consumed press headlines around the world.

On Monday, Zemmour, a widely read political writer, appeared on the French TV network CNews to address the race riots which have engulfed major cities across the United States for the past several days, Valeurs Actuelles reports.

During the interview, Zemmour spoke about George Floyd, whose death has triggered global unrest, protests, looting, and riots.

Mr. Floyd was killed during a brutal arrest by four Minneapolis police officers.

All four now-former cops have been charged with the death of Floyd.

zemmour says far left group such as antifa are pushing for a race war © press
Zemmour says far-left group such as Antifa are pushing for a race war

Before continuing about Floyd, Zemmour then turned his attention to Derek Chauvin, the arresting police officer who’s been charged with murdering Floyd.

"A nineteen-year career, eighteen complaints against him, and two letters of reprimand,” Zemmour said of the disgraced ex-cop.

"According to the first analysis, Floyd did not die because of the policeman’s knee on his neck. He died of several facts.

"First, he was in poor health, he had a heart condition.

"And second, he had certainly taken drugs, since he was used to cocaine.

"Besides, we see on the pictures, he does not look very well, even before the police brutalize him.”

"In France, we think that white cops attack and kill blacks.

"This is largely false," Zemmour continued.

"American figures show that 97% of black people are killed first by black people.

"White people are twice as likely to be killed as black people.

"80% of white people are killed by black people while black people are mainly killed by blacks (…)

"American cops are not French cops, they have an easy trigger.

"40% to 50% of those killed by the police are white.

"Blacks represent 14% of the American population and 40% of those incarcerated.” 

the us protests over george floyd s death have spread globally © press
The US protests over George Floyd's death have spread globally

The academic also accused France’s so-called “anti-racist movement” of wanting to “important racial war into France” to show that it is a “racist country.”

The movement is analogous to America’s Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Unsurprisingly, Zemmour’s commentary has angered many on the political left who believe that his controversial ideas shouldn’t be given a platform on television.

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