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McCaskill: President Trump 'is Not a Real Man'

Former Senator accuses the president of making masks political

 on 27th May 2020 @ 8.00pm
 donald trump thinks he   s the victim of this virus   mccaskill said © press
'Donald Trump thinks he’s the victim of this virus,' McCaskill said.

Former Senator and political commentator Claire McCaskill said President Donald Trump is not a “real man” after he refused to be photographed wearing masks.

McCaskill accused the president of making wearing a mask 'political,' while ignoring the fact that Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus and using the pandemic to push through far-left wish lists.

“Yeah, you know, Peter’s reporting and many other great reporters in this country have revealed the truth of the matter, and that is that Donald Trump thinks he’s the victim of this virus," McCaskill said.

"That somehow, this has been done to him. And he’s never seen his role as someone to protect, to empathize, to be aggressive in terms of safety. Only Donald Trump could make wearing a mask political," she added.

"And what he has done is he has basically convinced people that if you’re wearing a mask, you’re somehow not manly.

"Well, real men wear masks. Donald Trump is not a real man. Joe Biden was over the weekend.

 well  real men wear masks  donald trump is not a real man   mccaskill said © press
'Well, real men wear masks. Donald Trump is not a real man,' McCaskill said

McCaskill noted Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) being emotional while urging residents to wear masks.

“Yeah, it’s hard not, and maybe because I can cry at commercials, you know, I’m not ashamed of the fact I cry easily —when I watched that video for the first time, I choked up."

"And maybe it’s because I’ve got people in my family I worry about. And when I think of their safety, I realize that how others are viewing this impacts how healthy they can remain," she added.


last week  mccaskill claimed former president barack obama did not have  a hint of corruption during eight years © press
Last week, McCaskill claimed former President Barack Obama did not have 'a hint of corruption during eight years'

"And so it is one of these things where that governor was really kind of showing an ethos of being what Tim McGraw would say, humble and kind. He was speaking from his heart," McCaskill continued.

"He was talking about kindness as a value. But how long has it been since the president of the United States conveyed anything close to humble or kind?"

"I mean, this is a braggart, this is a liar, this is somebody who is mean and mean-spirited and has done terrible things to people unfairly, through the pinnacle of power in this world."

"This virus hasn’t been done to him. He has done bad in relation to this virus.”

Last week McCaskill claimed former President Barack Obama did not have “a hint of corruption during eight years.”

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