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George Soros Blasts Italy for Turning Against Globalism

Liberal billionaire says support for abandoning the EU 'is gaining momentum'

 on 25th May 2020 @ 1.00pm
george soros says italians are turning against globalism and want out of the eu © press
George Soros says Italians are turning against globalism and want out of the EU

Liberal billionaire George Soros has blasted Italy for turning against globalism as support for abandoning the EU and Eurozone "is gaining momentum" among Italians.

The far-left financier is blaming the leader of the populist Lega Party, and Italy’s former Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini for the uprising.

Soros is accusing Salvini of wanting to take Italy out of both the European Union and the Eurozone.

Globalist Soros made the remarks to Italy’s Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper during an interview last week.

He blasted Italy while stressing the importance of preventing other EU member states from following the United Kingdom’s lead and leaving the bloc.

Hungarian-born Soros acknowledged that Salvini's ideals are quickly gathering support in Italy.

george soros blames lega party leader matteo salvini for the populist uprising © press
George Soros blames Lega Party leader Matteo Salvini for the populist uprising

"Fortunately, [Salvini]’s personal popularity has declined since he left the government, but support for his positions is gaining momentum,” Soros said, according to a report by Il Giornale.

"What would Europe be without Italy? Italy was the most pro-European country."

Soros goes on to acknowledge that the anti-EU sentiment picked up pace after being triggered by the European migrant crisis.

"The Italians had more confidence in Europe than in their own government, for excellent reasons, but they were mistreated during the migrant crisis of 2015."

Italy has been required to shoulder a disproportionate share of the illegal migrants coming to the EU in recent years.

Soros went on to attribute this push from the bloc to Italians’ resentment toward Brussels, and Salvini’s subsequent political successes.

EU laws require that migrants must be provided for by the countries where they first arrive.

For many illegal migrants, Italy is a gateway into Europe and often a landing point for a large number of immigrants from Africa.

many italians feel they were abandoned by the eu during the coronavirus pandemic © press
Many Italians feel they were abandoned by the EU during the coronavirus pandemic

Soros also alluded to the EU’s recent refusal to issue so-called “coronabonds” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposed "coronabonds" sought to provide funding to nations hardest hit by the crisis by distributing the debt incurred across member states.

Italy has been massively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic which is another recent factor fueling Italians’ Euroskepticism.

Il Giornale traces Soros’ negative attention toward their country to the “Black Wednesday” financial crisis of 1992.

During the financial crash, both Italy and the UK were forced to withdraw their currencies from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism following a speculative move by Soros.

This led to the Italian lira’s devaluing by 30%.

Nevertheless, Soros isn't alone regarding his views on Salvini’s intentions toward the EU and the Eurozone.

A recent poll by Tecne has shown that 49 percent of Italians are in favor of leaving both the EU and the Eurozone.

This represents a 20% increase from 18 months ago, the last time such a poll was undertaken.

The poll recorded that only 40.9 percent of respondents want Italy to remain in the bloc.

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