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Child Sex Predator Shot Dead by Vigilante

Nebraska man confesses to shooting a convicted child abuser to death

 on 21st May 2020 @ 1.00pm
vigilante james fairbanks  left  confessed to killing convicted child abuser mattieo condoluci  right © press
Vigilante James Fairbanks (left) confessed to killing convicted child abuser Mattieo Condoluci (right)

A vigilante has confessed to shooting a notorious convicted child sex predator to death near his home in Nebraska.

43-year-old James Fairbanks admitted to killing convicted child abuser Mattieo Condoluci, 64, after he allegedly saw the serial pedophile leering at children in the street.

Fairbanks describes himself as "protector of children" and sent a press release to multiple media outlets to confess to the shooting.

In his confession, Fairbanks says he became increasingly concerned when he saw Condoluci had constructed a children's play area in his own backyard without a fence.

He says he "couldn't sleep" because he was "agonized" over concerns about Condoluci's possible plans.

Fairbanks says he eventually entered Condoluci's home and shot him to death earlier this month.

james fairbanks said he  couldnt in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else © press
James Fairbanks said he 'couldnt in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else'

Fairbanks posted a press release in a Facebook comments section identifying himself as Condoluci’s killer.

He also sent the same press release to media outlets using the handle “Stop Predators,” according to National File.

In the statement, Fairbanks said he became aware of Condoluci’s past after consulting the sex offender registry while searching for a new apartment.

“I am writing this email to let you know I killed Matteio Condoluci Thursday May 14th around 9:45 p.m.,” Fairbanks wrote.

“I drove by [Condoluci’s house] and to my horror he was standing in his driveway pretending to wash his truck, (no soap or water just a rag) while staring at a group of children playing in the street,” Fairbanks wrote.

"I watched him for a few minutes and just felt sick to my stomach. He just kept staring at them."

“It agonized me for days,” the vigilante said, stating that he couldn’t sleep.

“I researched him more and more and found that he had victimized dozens of kids in different states.

"One kids’ mother had created a predator Facebook page about him trying to warn people about him.

"Her son had been assaulted by him when he was 5 and the damage he did led the poor guy to die of a drug overdose years later…”

The Facebook group in question has since been renamed “Free James Fairbanks,” and is dedicated to securing the release of Fairbanks for performing a heroic act in defense of vulnerable children.

Fairbanks concluded the press release, “I’ve worked with kids for years who have been victimized and i couldnt in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else while I had the means to stop him.

"I’m willing to turn myself in even though I’m confident I wouldn’t be caught because it’s my opinion that we need to fix this in our society.

"We cannot let this continue to happen to our children. They must be stopped.

"I know in this messed up judicial system that means I will face far more severe punishment for stopping him than he did for raping KIDS.

"But I could no longer do nothing.”

james fairbanks said he had to take matters into his own hands when he saw pedophile mattieo condoluci built a children s play area in his backyard © press
James Fairbanks said he had to take matters into his own hands when he saw pedophile Mattieo Condoluci built a children's play area in his backyard

Fairbanks’ ex-wife, Kelly Tamayo, told KETV that he called her immediately after the shooting, to make sure their two sons would be cared for.

Tamayo describes Fairbanks as “a protector who cared for some of the most vulnerable and victimized children.”

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