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Germany Slams 'Right Wing Extremists' After Antifa Tries to Murder Lockdown Protester

Man left in a coma following violent attack by mob of masked leftist thugs

 on 19th May 2020 @ 12.00pm
police arrested dozens of anti lockdown protesters in germany over the weekend © press
Police arrested dozens of anti-lockdown protesters in Germany over the weekend

German authorities have slammed "right-wing extremists" after an anti-lockdown protester was left in a coma over the weekend following a violent attack by a group of Antifa thugs, according to reports.

Three men at a protest in Stuttgart were reportedly attacked by a group of masked leftists in what is believed to be an attempted murder.

According to a report by Junge Freiheit, three middle-aged men were attacked for no reason by masked left-wing Antifa extremists during a protest in Stuttgart on Saturday.

The victims, aged between 40 and 55, are members of the right-wing trade union Zentrum Automobil (ZA).

Witnesses stated that the three men were reportedly surrounded by a mob of roughly 50 Antifa extremists, who allegedly kicked them, beat them up, and attacked them with pepper spray before fleeing the scene while shouting “they’re dead!”

Injuries sustained by one of the victims were so severe that he was hospitalized and placed in an artificial coma.

police arrested dozens of anti lockdown protesters over the weekend © press
Police arrested dozens of anti-lockdown protesters over the weekend

The victims and eyewitnesses described the attack as an "attempted murder."

The police have downplayed the assault in their reports but say they are investigating the crime.

Over the weekend, cities across Germany saw more mass protests against the ongoing lockdown measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government is warning that “right-wing extremists” are trying to exploit the chaos for their own ends.

On Saturday, 21 protests were reported across Berlin, with 19 more on Sunday.

On Sunday alone, police arrested more than 300 people for lockdown violations.

ZA union members have been a preferred target for left-wing extremists in the past.

The German government, however, is more concerned about the political right.

Stephen Kramer, the President of the State Agency for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia, issued a warning that “right-wing extremists” are attempting to exploit the lockdown protests for their own ends.

He made the accusations in an interview, mentioning the National Democratic Party (NPD), Die Rechte, and Der Dritte Weg political parties by name, according to a separate report by Junge Freiheit.

germany authorities claim  right wing extremists  are exploiting the protests © press
Germany authorities claim 'right wing extremists' are exploiting the protests

According to Kramer, right-wing groups see the pandemic as an opportunity to attack democracy and trigger the collapse of “globalized liberalism.”

He also claimed that they are attempting to curry favor with the public by organizing neighborhood aid programs and thank-you benefits for emergency personnel, in addition to “targeted attacks” on public order.

Kramer compared the effect that the protests are having on energizing the right to that of the migrant crisis in 2015.

Kramer’s comments were echoed by Thomas Haldenwang, the President of the State Agency for the Protection of the Constitution, which is the government’s watchdog against right-wing extremism.

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