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China Slams Boris Johnson's Coronavirus Handling as a 'Mess'

Major Chinese propaganda outlet attacks UK over COVID-19 pandemic

 on 15th May 2020 @ 12.00pm
china attacked boris johnson over the uk s handling of the coronavirus pandemic © press
China attacked Boris Johnson over the UK's handling of the coronavirus pandemic

The ruling Chinese Communist Party has blasted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his government's handling of the global coronavirus pandemic, that originated in China.

A major Chinese propaganda outlet has labeled the efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK as a "mess."

Beijing's state-controlled Global Times, a mouthpiece for the Chinese government, claims Britain would need a "miracle" to get out of the health crisis.

The newspaper condemned London's response to the pandemic as "flippant" and "ill-prepared."

The regime-controlled outlet slammed PM Johnson for allowing people to go back to work before setting up a draconian track-and-tracing app system.

The paper accuses the prime minister of prioritizing the economy over controlling the virus.

the chinese government accuses boris johnson of prioritizing the economy over controlling the virus © press
The Chinese government accuses Boris Johnson of prioritizing the economy over controlling the virus

Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that lockdown was easing and people should return to work if they could in a plan to reboot the UK's economy, according to The Daily Mail.

The Government yesterday announced 494 more COVID-19 deaths, taking the official number of victims in the country past 33,000.

Britain now has the world's second-highest death toll, after the United States and ahead of Italy.

The Global Times dished out the harsh criticism against the UK in a commentary published yesterday. 

It referred to a column run by the Guardian on Sunday, in which author Simon Tisdall called Britain "the sick man of Europe."

The Global Times said: "It is startling to see the UK, once on which the sun never set, acting poorly in this global fight against the deadly coronavirus."

It went on to blast the government's initial strategy, known as "herd immunity."

It accused that the UK "wasted a few weeks" time when China "fought hard against the virus."

The Chinese commentary then denounced Boris Johnson's coronavirus exit strategy, saying a contact-tracing system should have been in place before the move.

"Scholarly analyses have all suggested that the UK government's response to the crisis was as flippant and ill-prepared as that of the US..." wrote the author without naming relevant studies.

Britain is currently trialing a "test, track and trace" app on the Isle of Wight in a three-part plan to prevent a second wave.

The app works via Bluetooth and will alert people if they have been in close contact with someone who later fell ill with COVID-19.

the global times is a chinese communist party controlled propaganda tool © press
The Global Times is a Chinese Communist Party-controlled propaganda tool

Wrapping up the scathing opinion piece, the Global Times claimed that Britain's resources had gone to waste due to the Government's decisions.

It said: "The UK is not supposed to end up like this. After all, it is where the Industrial Revolution started. It has abundant capital and medical resources.

"To put it in Chinese proverbs, it didn't play well despite having good cards in hand."

Billed as China's "most belligerent tabloid," the Global Times has been at the forefront of defending Beijing's actions and castigating the West, especially the United States, over its criticism against the Community Party.

In another column yesterday, the paper said that "some US politicians have totally lost their minds" after the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security accused Chinese hackers of stealing coronavirus vaccine research data from America. 

The coronavirus pandemic first emerged in the city of Wuhan in central China last December.

So far, it has killed more than 300,000 people and infected over 4.5 million around the world.

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