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Trump Tells Graham to Move Forward with Obamagate Probe: 'Call Obama to Testify'

President says ex-POTUS 'knew everything,' tells senator to 'just do it'

 on 15th May 2020 @ 1.00am
president trump has told sen  lindsey graham to call obama to testify on flynn s  unmasking © press
President Trump has told Sen. Lindsey Graham to call Obama to testify on Flynn's 'unmasking'

President Donald Trump has told Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to move forward with a congressional investigation into Barack Obama's administration regarding the spiraling "Obamagate" scandal.

Trump instructed Sen. Graham to call former President Obama to testify amid new developments surrounding the origins of the Russia investigation.

The president was seemingly responding to newly-classified documents detailing efforts by Obama and key members of his administration, including former Vice Presdient Joe Biden, to "unmask" Michael Flynn's name in intelligence reports during the White House transitional period.

On Thursday, President Trump blasted Obamagate as "the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA."

“If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR, is former President Obama,” Trump said on Twitter.

“He knew EVERYTHING,” the president added.

trump told lindsey graham to call obama to testify  saying  no more talk  © press
Trump told Lindsey Graham to call Obama to testify, saying 'No more talk!'

“Do it @LindseyGrahamSC, just do it,” Trump continued as he pressed the Republican senator to probe Obama.

“No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!”

The extraordinary demand comes as Trump has increasingly sought to expose his predecessor's efforts to investigate his associates in 2016 and 2017, dubbing it "Obamagate." 

The tweet comes after Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) made public a list of Obama officials who purportedly requested to “unmask” the identity of Flynn, who at the time was Trump’s incoming national security adviser.

The list was declassified by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and sent to Grassley and Johnson.

The roster featured top-ranking figures including then-Vice President Joe Biden, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Obama’s then-chief of staff Denis McDonough.

The president, earlier Thursday, blasted the Obama administration over the revelations and claimed that "it was the greatest political crime in the history of our country."

"If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago, and I'm talking with 50-year sentences," Trump said during a Thursday interview with Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo.

"It is a disgrace what's happened. This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country.

"People should be going to jail for this stuff and hopefully, a lot of people are going to have to pay."

Grenell had made the decision to declassify information about Obama administration officials who were involved in the “unmasking” of Flynn — whose calls with the former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition were picked up in surveillance and later leaked.

His case has returned to the national spotlight after the DOJ moved to dismiss charges against him of lying to the FBI about those conversations, despite a guilty plea that he later sought to withdraw.

The declassified list, released Wednesday, specifically showed officials who “may have received Lt. Gen Flynn’s identity in response to a request processed between 8 November 2016 and 31 January 2017 to unmask an identity that had been generically referred to in an NSA foreign intelligence report,” the document said.

“Each individual was an authorized recipient of the original report and the unmasking was approved through NSA’s standard process, which includes a review of the justification for the request,” the document said.

“Only certain personnel are authorized to submit unmasking requests into the NSA system.

"In this case, 16 authorized individuals requested unmasking for [REDACTED] different NSA intelligence reports for select identified principals.”

The document added: “While the principals are identified below, we cannot confirm they saw the unmasked information.

"This response does not include any requests outside of the specified time-frame.”

Officials requesting such a name in this process do not necessarily know the identity in advance.

In a statement on Wednesday, Andrew Bates, Biden's director of rapid response, downplayed the latest Flynn revelations.

"These documents have absolutely nothing to do with any FBI investigation and they confirm that all normal procedures were followed -- any suggestion otherwise is a flat out lie,” Bates said.

“What's more, it's telling that these documents were selectively leaked by Republicans abusing their congressional powers to act as arms of the Trump campaign after having them provided by a partisan official installed for this very purpose.”

“The unmasking of General Flynn by the Obama Administration regarding conversations during the presidential transition are deeply troubling and smell of politics, not national security,” Sen. Graham said in a statement Wednesday.

He added: “I specifically want to know how many unmasking requests were made, if any, beyond General Flynn regarding members of the Trump campaign team, family, or associates.”

obama officials set a trap for michael flynn as part of an anti trump conspiracy © press
Obama officials set a trap for Michael Flynn as part of an anti-Trump conspiracy

Graham has been leading his committee's investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation for months.

A source told Fox News this week that the committee is considering inviting Brennan, Clapper, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to testify before the committee.

The source told Fox News that the committee would invite the ex-officials to appear but would subpoena them if they encounter resistance. 

The source told Fox News that Senate investigators are looking at “various pieces” coming from “various sources” as part of their investigation. 

“This is a multilevel puzzle,” the source said.

“They are looking at layer upon layer, and you have to be able to tell the story of exactly what was going on, and who was doing what, when, and why.”

Officials in the Obama administration have acknowledged that they moved to unmask some Americans in intelligence reports, but insisted that their reasons were legitimate.

Thousands of unmasking requests have been made during both the Obama and Trump administrations, complicating any efforts to determine if certain requests may have been somehow improper.

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