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George Soros Group Demands Taxpayers Give $1200 to Every Illegal Alien in America

Soros-funded United We Dream pushes stimulus money for illegal immigrants

 on 11th May 2020 @ 1.00pm
a george soros funded group is demanding taxpayer money for illegal aliens © press
A George Soros-funded group is demanding taxpayer money for illegal aliens

A far-left open-borders group, funded by billionaire globalist George Soros, is demanding that every illegal alien living in America receives $1200 in taxpayer money from the federal government.

The Soros-funded NGO (non-governmental organization) United We Dream is pushing for every illegal immigrant in the United States to receive aid checks as a part of the federal coronavirus stimulus package.

If the move wins approval, it could cost American taxpayers billions.

United We Dream is making the demand alongside a network of other radical pro-migration lobbying groups, including the National Immigration Law Center and the National Immigrant Justice Center.

The migration groups are calling on the federal government to hand out U.S. tax dollars every illegal immigrant that has a Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

America's illegal alien population is currently estimated to be between 11 to 22 million.

united we dream wants to give american tax dollars to aliens who enter the u s  illegally © press
United We Dream wants to give American tax dollars to aliens who enter the U.S. illegally

In an effort to aid struggling Americans, the US government has issued $1,200 checks for every American citizen with a social security number as well as "resident aliens," according to RMX News.

The funds are meant to help keep Americans afloat during the biggest American economic crisis since the Great Depression, including the estimated 22 million citizens who are now out of work.

United We Dream, which has received funding from Soros's Open Society Foundation, believes that illegal residents should also have access to this aid.

The group is a part of a wide range of open border activists pushing for more taxpayer funds for illegal immigrants.

Josue De Luna Navarro, who has worked for United We Dream and founded the NM Dream Team, a chapter of the United We Dream group, also took to Twitter to say that immigration and US citizenship should not determine whether someone has access to coronavirus funds.

These illegal immigrant advocacy groups are using social media and their well-funded networks to call the public to push lawmakers to provide federal aid to illegal residents amid the crisis.

They have also started a petition that reads, “All people, regardless of immigration status, must be included in the stimulus.

"Cash payments must go to all taxpayers, including immigrants who pay using an ITIN… coronavirus testing and care must be free and accessible to all: Amend Emergency Medicaid to cover Covid-19 costs, so patients get care regardless of immigration status.”

united we dream s josue de luna navarro says illegal aliens should receive the same funds as u s  citizens
United We Dream's Josue De Luna Navarro says illegal aliens should receive the same funds as U.S. citizens

The petition urges lawmakers to invalidate President Donald Trump’s “public charge” rule, which ensures that American taxpayers do not have to pay to permanently resettle legal immigrants who have relied on federal aid or welfare.

Soros is also a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance, which is recognized as the largest dark money network of donors for the left in the entire US.

Within the group, each member vows to donate hundreds of thousands to groups the organization approves of.

The United We Dream network is one of many organizations approved by the Democracy Alliance, along with a wide range of pro-migration and left-wing groups.

Soros is also known for his funding and cooperation with pro-migration groups and politicians across Europe, many of which have targeted Hungary's conservative government and the country's prime minister, Viktor Orban.

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