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People of Denmark Protest Against Muslim Call to Prayer Blasted Across Danish Cities

Activists demand mosques 'Stop Prayer Calls' being played through loudspeakers

 on 11th May 2020 @ 12.00pm
danish protesters are calling for mosques to stop playing loud calls to prayer © press
Danish protesters are calling for mosques to stop playing loud calls to prayer

The people of Denmark have begun protesting against Islamic calls to prayer that are being blasted through loudspeakers several times a day across Danish cities.

In the city of Aarhus, Danish activists from the pan-European group Generation Identity hung a huge banner off the side of a building that reads "Stop Bønnekald" or "Stop Prayer Calls."

The group says the move is to protest a nearby mosque’s obnoxiously loud call to prayer.

After the mosque heard of the protest, Muslims took to the streets of Aarhus's multicultural neighborhood of Gallerup to exhibit the might of Islam in Denmark.

Several videos have emerged showing the aggressive display.

Muslims were seen driving cars - some with loudspeakers attached to their roofs - through the streets while honking their horns, disobeying traffic rules, playing loud music, and hanging outside of windows and sunroofs, local news site Lokalavisen reports.

danish protesters hung a huge banner saying  stop bà nnekald  or  stop prayer calls © press
Danish protesters hung a huge banner saying 'Stop Bønnekald' or 'Stop Prayer Calls'

The ironically named Mosque of Peace is the second-largest mosque in Aarhus.

It is also one of the few mosques in Denmark that refused to distance itself from ISIS.

Gallerup has become a hotbed for young Islamic extremists.

In 2015, young Muslims were seen driving around in cars while waving black ISIS flags and fake AK-47s, according to a report from the Danish newspaper Berlingske.

This time, however, the young Muslims – to their credit – were not waving ISIS flags as they drove around Gallerup blaring their horns and blasting music.

While Islamic calls to prayer aren’t explicitly prohibited by law in Denmark.

However, there’s undoubtedly a strong aversion to them among the Danish people.

Danes are certainly not alone in their opposition to the offensively loud calls to prayer.

The same aversion exists and is widespread in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, and other European countries.

muslims from the neighborhood responded to the protest by driving round with islamic music blasting out © press
Muslims from the neighborhood responded to the protest by driving round with Islamic music blasting out

As Neon Nettle reported in November, a mosque in Amsterdam had its power cable cut after the Islamic building had controversially begun using an amplified sound system to blast out the "call to prayer" around the neighborhood, much to the frustration of Dutch locals.

The Blue Mosque says it wanted to "normalize Islam" in the area by amplifying the Islamic message that calls nearby Muslims to attend prayers.

The move didn't go down well with non-Mulsim locals in the New West district of Amsterdam, however, and the broadcast was silenced when the power cable to the sound system was mysteriously cut.

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