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26% of Democrats Want Biden Dropped Over Rape Allegation, Poll Shows

Large number of Dem voters want Biden replaced with another candidate

 on 6th May 2020 @ 5.00pm
a sizeable portion of democrat voters want joe biden replaced as the dem nominee © press
A sizeable portion of Democrat voters want Joe Biden replaced as the Dem nominee

26 percent of Democrat voters want to drop Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic 2020 presidential nominee and replace him with a different candidate, according to a new poll.

The significant number of Democrats wants former Vice President Biden replaced over rape allegations recently levied against him by his former staffer Tara Reade.

Over a quarter of voters wanting Biden dropped is a huge blow to Democrats, considering the tight matchup he will surely face against President Donald Trump.

According to the poll, conducted Monday by Morning Consult poll, 61 percent of Democrats believe that Biden appeared “very credible” or “somewhat credible” in his denials of Reade's sexual assault allegation during his interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week.

Despite a majority supporting, or "somewhat" believing, Biden's story, 61 percent leaves a not-so-insignificant number of Democrats who disbelieve Biden.

Many of whose votes will be desperately needed by Biden if he goes head-to-head with Trump in November.

tara reade says she was sexually assaulted by joe biden when she worked as a staffer for the then senator in 1993 © press
Tara Reade says she was sexually assaulted by Joe Biden when she worked as a staffer for the then-senator in 1993

26% say that the Democratic Party should move to replace Biden after watching the video of his remarks, while 61% — the same percentage who found his denial at least somewhat credible — say Biden should remain the nominee, according to The Hill.

That number includes 28% of Democratic women.

Younger voters were more likely to want Biden replaced as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, with 40 percent of voters under 45 agreeing that he should be replaced by another candidate and just 15 percent of older voters saying the same, according to The Daily Wire.

Among general voters, only 41% said they found Biden’s denial “somewhat credible” or “very credible” versus 38% who said it was “not that credible” or “not credible at all.”

In March, Tara Reade claimed that then-senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she served as an aide in his Senate offices during the Clinton administration.

She has since detailed her account in multiple interviews and filed a criminal complaint against the former vice president with the Washington, D.C., police department.

A former neighbor of Reade and Reade’s brother have both publicly stated that Reade told them of the alleged assault in the 1990s.

Recently surfaced evidence also suggests that Reade’s mother called into CNN’s Larry King in the 1990s to complain about a prominent senator with whom her daughter had “problems.”

joe biden claims the sexual assault  never happened  and that tara reade should have been  vetted © press
Joe Biden claims the sexual assault 'never happened' and that Tara Reade should have been 'vetted'

On Saturday, The Associated Press reported that two new people, both of whom wished to remain anonymous, said that Reade spoke of Biden’s behavior prior to her going public.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez has dismissed the allegation against Biden, asserting that conservative media have made it a bigger deal than it actually is, going as far as to compare it to the Hillary email scandal.

"There’s been so many investigations of the vice president,” Perez said on ABC News’s “This Week.”

"The most comprehensive investigation of the vice-president was when he was vetted by Barack Obama in 2008.

"I’m very familiar with the vice-presidential vetting process.

"They look at everything about you," he continued.

"They looked at the entire history of Joe Biden, his entire career.

"And I’ll tell you, if Barack Obama had any indication that there was an issue, Barack Obama would not have had him as his vice-president.

"Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden. I trust Joe Biden. And those investigations have been done."

"This is like the Hillary emails because there was nothing there,” he added.

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