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Trump Vows to Bring Manufacturing Home to America

President says U.S. supply chains can never be 'held hostage' by China again

 on 5th May 2020 @ 3.00pm
president trump is calling for manufacturing to return to the united states © press
President Trump is calling for manufacturing to return to the United States

President Donald Trump is calling for manufacturing to return home to the United States as he vows that America's supply chains will never be "held hostage" by China, or any other country, ever again.

The president made the pledge during a Fox News town hall that aired this week, during which he took questions from the public.

On the topic of "America Together Returning to Work," President Trump asserted that returning production to America is vital.

Trump also emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ending globalism, once and for all.

President Trump was asked by one questioner what advice he would give future leaders to prevent a similar crisis from occurring in the future.

"We have to bring our product back home, we have to make our product in this country," the president declared, as recorded in the transcript.

president trump made the calls during a virtual town hall with fox news © press
President Trump made the calls during a virtual town hall with Fox News

"We can’t be hostage, because that’s what we are," Trump continued.

"We can’t be hostage to other countries, China in particular, but also to other countries.

"We can’t ever let that happen again."

Another caller asked President Trump why antibiotics, needed by Americans, are manufactured in other countries such as China instead of at home, and when the United States would become self-sufficient with such drugs.

"The reason . . . is because other people that sat in this chair . . . they were foolish," Trump said.

"You could even say because they were stupid. Because they allowed this to happen.

"And it’s not only China . . . But we’re bringing that whole supply chain back.

"Nobody has to tell me to do it. I’ve been talking about that for years."

The White House’s official Twitter feed stressed the point by tweeting a video clip from the town hall.

During the clip, the president discusses the need to revive domestic production.

The caption of the WH post reads: “America can never again let our supply chains be held hostage by China or any other country.”

president trump is seeking to end america s reliance on manufacturing from china © press
President Trump is seeking to end America's reliance on manufacturing from China

President Trump has been making his displeasure with China’s manipulation of events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic clear.

He has previously threatened "consequences" for the country’s disinformation campaign that attempts to obscure their role in the crisis.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, in March, President Trump revealed a plan to end U.S. reliance on medical supplies from China.

The president is seeking to encourage the medical industry to "buy American" by sourcing supplies from companies in the United States.

According to Fox News, Trump is expected to sign the executive order, “insisting on American-made medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in response to the coronavirus outbreak.”

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