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Denmark's Muslim Population Calls for Ban on Criticizing Islam

3 out of 4 Islamic residents demand cull on freedom of speech

 on 3rd May 2020 @ 12.00pm
the majority of denmark s muslim population was criticism of islam banned © press
The majority of Denmark's Muslim population was criticism of Islam banned

Denmark's Muslim population is calling for a ban on the criticism of Islam, according to a new report.

The report, published by the Danish Ministry of Justice on freedom of speech, reveals that over three-quarters of Muslims who live in the country want to see all criticism of Islam legally banned.

The findings of their study were released by the ministry last month in a report titled: "Freedom of Speech in Denmark."

It surveyed the attitudes held by all Danish residents toward freedom of speech.

The study found that 76 percent of migrants who had come from Muslim countries, or whose parents had come from Muslim countries, want to put an end to any criticism of the religion.

According to the study, only 59 percent of the same group would like to see a law prohibiting the introduction of Sharia law in Denmark, as reported by Samhällsnytt.

muslims protest denmark s ban on face coverings in copenhagen © press
Muslims protest Denmark's ban on face coverings in Copenhagen

Calls for such a ban were dramatically different when the rest of the Danish people were included in the results, however.

Of the total population of Denmark, including Muslim migrants and non-Muslims, the study showed that only 18 percent would like to see criticism of Islam banned.

These alarming results are similar to those obtained by Dutch researcher Ruud Koopmans.

Koopmans has been studying Muslim migrants in Europe for more than 20 years.

Koopmans’ research has shown that two-thirds of Muslim migrants living in Europe believe that Sharia law is more important than the law of the countries in which they live, according to a report released last year.

His conclusion is that fully integrating Muslims into Western societies is "impossible."

dutch researcher ruud koopmans says it is  impossible  for muslims to integrate into western culture © press
Dutch researcher Ruud Koopmans says it is 'impossible' for Muslims to integrate into Western culture

Recent incidents do not suggest a happy future for relations between Muslims and native Danes in Denmark.

Last month, a migrant was filmed telling Danish politician Rasmus Paludan that Danes are “animals” who will eventually be “exterminated” by Muslims.

And on Thursday, Danish police arrested a man in Copenhagen who is suspected of planning to carry out a jihadi terrorist attack in the country.

"This, unfortunately, confirms a serious terror threat in Denmark," Flemming Drejer, chief inspector of the Danish intelligence service, told the briefing.

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