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Joe Biden Accused of Sexually Harassing 14-Year-Old Girl as New Allegation Emerges

New accuser steps forward alleging sexual harrassment in 2008

 on 2nd May 2020 @ 4.00pm
a new accuser has stepped forward and alleged joe biden sexually harrssed her when she was 14 © press
A new accuser has stepped forward and alleged Joe Biden sexually harrssed her when she was 14

A new accuser has come forward against Joe Biden, alleging that she was sexually harassed by the former vice president when she was just 14 years old.

The woman, Eva Murry, came forward on Friday night with the bombshell allegations against the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Murry told Law&Crime that Biden complimented her on the size of her breasts at the First State Gridiron Dinner & Show in 2008 while he was still a Delaware senator but just one year before becoming President Obama's VP.

The event in question is held each year in Delaware and is a long-running roast of, and party for, politicians, journalists, and prominent business figures.

According to Murray, the event occurred sometime around May of that year, when she was just 14.

Murry's sister and one of her friends have corroborated the story, saying she told them details of the alleged incident more or less immediately after it happened.

eva murry  pictured in 2020  says she was sexually harrassed by joe biden in 2008 when she was just 14 years old © press
Eva Murry (pictured in 2020) says she was sexually harrassed by Joe Biden in 2008 when she was just 14 years old

Four other friends of Murry’s said they were told about the incident, with the same details, between two and three years after it originally occurred, according to Law&Crime.

"I remember walking into the lobby and being in awe of all the people in such fancy clothes,” Murry recalled during an interview.

"Our two parties of people gravitated towards each other and everyone started saying their hellos.

"When it was Biden and my aunt’s turn to say hello, he quickly turned to me and asked how old I was.

"I replied with my age and he replied with the comment ‘Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!

"I was confused but it was definitely weird, he looked me up and down and hovered his eyes on my chest so I had some clue [about] the notion of his comment but didn’t fully understand at the time.

"We quickly separated from his area after the encounter."

"I feel his comments were verbal sexual harassment,” Murry added.

"I think I was too naive to realize exactly what it meant at the time but I vividly remember the uncomfortable feeling I had in the pit of my stomach during the whole encounter," she continues.

"It wasn’t Biden’s words alone that made me so uncomfortable, it was the look, the tone, the whole general vibe was off."

Law&Crime said the Biden campaign was contacted but did not respond to requests for comment.

Eight other women who have accused Biden of sexual misconduct and inappropriate touching.

Biden is also accused of sexually assaulting his former Senate staffer Tara Reade in 1993.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday morning, the former vice president denied the allegations after refusing to address the matter for five weeks.

tara reade says she was sexually assaulted by joe biden when she worked for him in 1993 © press
Tara Reade says she was sexually assaulted by Joe Biden when she worked for him in 1993

Biden’s presidential campaign was caught sending out false talking points for his prominent supporters to use that attack the credibility of Reade’s allegations.

The talking points falsely claimed that a New York Times "deep dive" investigation found that the accusations were not credible.

The New York Times later released a statement refuting the claims.

The newspaper insists that their investigation did not conclude that the allegations were not credible:

Buzzfeed reported on the existence of talking points being circulated by the Biden campaign that inaccurately suggest a New York Times investigation found that Tara Reade’s allegation “did not happen.”

Our investigation made no conclusion either way.

As Buzzfeed correctly reported, our story found three former Senate aides whom Reade said she complained to contemporaneously, all of whom either did not remember the incident or said that it did not happen.

The story also included former interns who remembered Reade suddenly changing roles and no longer overseeing them, which took place during the same time period that Reade said she was abruptly reassigned.

The Times also spoke to a friend who said Reade told her the details of the allegation at the time; another friend and Reade’s brother say she told them of a traumatic sexual incident involving Biden.

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