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Cher: Trump 'Wants Post Office to Go Bankrupt' to Stop Mail-In Voting

Far-left pop singer pushes bizarre conspiracy theory onto her fans

 on 29th April 2020 @ 1.00am
liberal pop icon cher claims president trump wants the u s  post office  to go bankrupt © press
Liberal pop icon Cher claims President Trump wants the U.S. Post Office 'to go bankrupt'

Far-left pop singer Cher pushed a bizarre conspiracy theory onto her fans early on Tuesday, claiming President Donald Trump "wants the post office to go bankrupt" so he can prevent mail-in voting for the November election.

In her trademark word diarrhea style, the 72-year-old pop icon peddled the incoherent claims without offering up any supporting evidence.

The liberal star alleges that Trump actually wants to see businesses and states declare bankruptcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cher argues that Trump would benefit from economic destruction if the Post Office collapses and gives him an electoral advantage.

The conspiracy theory seemingly ignores the fact that Trump has long prided himself on the country’s economic successes before the impact of the coronavirus.

According to Cher, however, the president's supposed plan would stop the Democrats from realizing their unlikely ambition of securing a vote-by-mail scheme for the presidential election.

cher claims trump wants the economy to fail so americans can t vote by mail when the post office collapses © press
Cher claims Trump wants the economy to fail so Americans can't vote by mail when the post office collapses

A version of her tweet has been translated into legible English by Breitbart:

Doesn’t anyone care that people who have small businesses are going under because of him?

They’re losing everything! Small business is the lifeblood of America, as they go under we go under.

P.S. Trump wants blue states to declare bankruptcy.

P.P.S He wants the Post Office to go bankrupt so we can’t vote by mail.

The Post Office has long appeared to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Last November, they reported a doubling of net losses to $8.81 billion, despite an increase in revenues.

As a result, the company heavily relies on taxpayer subsidies in order to stay afloat.

The ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic has raised the possibility that the 2020 presidential election could be carried out voting by paper ballots through the mail, although Trump remains firmly opposed to the idea, claiming it will increase cases of voter fraud.

Indeed, in the past four presidential elections, at least 28 million mail-in ballots mysteriously went missing and still remain unaccounted for.

cher has become known for her anti trump meltdowns of late © press
Cher has become known for her anti-Trump meltdowns of late

Cher, meanwhile, regularly takes to Twitter to share her bizarre political conspiracies.

Earlier this month, the “Believe” singer suggested that Republicans were so determined to win elections that they were even willing to kill voters in order to do so.

She made the comments after the Supreme Court struck down an attempt by Wisconsin’s Democratic governor Tony Evers to postpone voting in their recent local elections and presidential primary because of the ongoing pandemic.

Last month, Cher also described Trump as a “liar and a murderer” after spreading unsubstantiated claims that he was holding back vital medical equipment for those infected.

She later deleted the tweet.

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