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George Soros Group Helping Illegal Migrants from Africa Enter Europe, Salvini Claims

Italian conservative party leader says boatloads of migrants entering EU with Soros' help

 on 25th April 2020 @ 12.00pm
italian conservative party leader matteo salvini says george soros is helping illegal migrants enter europe © press
Italian conservative party leader Matteo Salvini says George Soros is helping illegal migrants enter Europe

George Soros is funding a group that is helping illegal migrants from North Africa enter Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Sea, according to Italy's former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

Salvini, the leader of Italy's conservative Lega party, says the Soros-funded organization's lawyers are providing assistance to migrants before they even leave Africa.

The migrants are then contacting the Soros-funded lawyers after they leave while they are still sailing on overcrowded boats from Libya to Europe, according to Salvini in reference to a report from Italian daily Il Giornale.

After the migrants make contact, the lawyer then files an appeal on their behalf with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) while they were still at sea.

The situation has been highlighted by Salvini who reacted in a tweet to the news:

"Crazy! With the collaboration of the lawyers of an association financed by Soros," Salvini wrote.

migrants are reportedly being given instructions by george soros funded lawyers before leaving africa by boat © press
Migrants are reportedly being given instructions by George Soros-funded lawyers before leaving Africa by boat

"In the meantime, the government welcomes everyone on the ferry at the expense of the Italians," Salvini continued. 

"Sooner or later we will vote," he added.

According to Il Giornale, a boat with at least 47 migrants on board left the Libyan port of Al Khoms on the night of April 8 to April 9, only to send an SOS signal one day later, on April 10, via the Alarm Phone network — a telephone hotline offering support to migrants in distress on the Mediterranean Sea.

The organization does not carry out rescue operations itself but instead draws attention to emergency situations at sea, according to Remix News.

The network then alerted Italian and Maltese authorities through Twitter.

Maltese authorities issued a call to all vessels in the area saying Malta was not in a position to provide a safe harbor.

But even before any decision was made about their landing, a lawyer filed a complaint at the Strasbourg court of European human rights against Maltese authorities, followed soon afterward by a second one against the Italian authorities for denying help.

The appeal was filed by Italian lawyer Lucia Gennari on behalf of two of the boat's occupants, 28-year-old Sudanese national A. W. M. and 21-year-old Ivory Coast national N.D.

boatloads of migrants are arriving in europe after crossing the mediterranean sea from north africa © press
Boatloads of migrants are arriving in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa

The migrants in question were eventually rescued by a fishing boat that passed by them in the Mediterranean, which brought all the occupants of the dinghy boat back to Libya, including the migrants who contacted the two lawyers. 

Now, there is a pending court case claiming that it was illegal not to rescue the migrants and allow them access to European ports along with other alleged violations.

The ECHR is greatly under the influence of judges who have received funding or who have worked for billionaire financier George Soros's Open Society Foundation or affiliated projects.

Following Salvini losing power with his former coalition partners of the Five Star Movement, Italy resumed allowing migrant NGO boats to land in Italian ports.

Recently, the coronavirus has forced Italy to shut its ports once more, but there are reports of migrants still landing after being subjected to quarantine.

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