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UK Drops Huawei's 5G Over China's Coronavirus Cover-Up

Chinese Communist Party-linked firm dropped as vendor for 5G cellphone network

 on 20th April 2020 @ 1.00pm
the uk has dropped huawei as the country s 5g cellphone network vendor © press
The UK has dropped Huawei as the country's 5G cellphone network vendor

The UK Government has dropped Chinese Communist Party-linked Huawei as the country's 5G cellphone network vendor over allegations China covered-up the initial outbreak of coronavirus.

The move is another significant blow to China in response to the Chinese government's poor COVID-19 transparency.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, currently recovering from COVID-19, awarded the UK's 5G infrastructure contract to the Chinese company earlier this year.

The Chinese Communist Party’s inaccurate reporting on the coronavirus has raised major red flags, however, leaving lawmakers crafting plans for a retreat.

“We need to devise a proper, realistic exit strategy from relying on Huawei,” Conservative MP Damian Green told Bloomberg News.

“Our telecom providers … need to know the government is determined to drive down Huawei’s involvement to zero percent over a realistic timescale.”

china and the world health organization  who  have been criticized over their poor transparency of the coronavirus © press
China and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been criticized over their poor transparency of the coronavirus

“The mood in the parliamentary party has hardened,” said Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative Party’s chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

“It’s a shared realization of what it means for dependence on a business that is part of a state that does not share our values,” Tugendhat said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that the pandemic originating in China shows why countries should avoid doing business with Huawei.

Last week, President Trump suspended US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), alleging it circulated false Chinese data on COVID-19, leaving other nations unprepared.

us secretary of state mike pompeo says china s coronavirus cover up proves countries should avoid huawei © press
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says China's coronavirus cover-up proves countries should avoid Huawei

The US viewed Johnson’s decision on Huawei as a major blow to the “five eyes” electronic surveillance alliance among the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

US officials fear China could use Huawei to collect intelligence.

The UK has the world’s sixth-largest publicly acknowledged outbreak of the virus, with over 120,000 cases and more than 16,000 deaths.

White House coronavirus coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said at a recent press briefing that Chinese data in January led experts to believe the virus was less contagious, akin to the related virus SARS, leading to less concern among health officials.

China increased its reported deaths from outbreak epicenter Wuhan by 50 percent on Friday.

UK foreign minister Dominic Raab said Friday that we can’t have business as usual after this crisis,” vowing “hard questions” for China and a “very, very deep dive” on the origins of the pandemic.

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