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Nancy Pelosi: Trump 'Destroyed The Economy'

House Speaker gives false 'partisan' narrative for the coronavirus

 on 16th April 2020 @ 4.00pm
the speaker asserted that democrats should acknowledge  truths  on the coronavirus © press
The Speaker asserted that Democrats should acknowledge 'truths' on the coronavirus.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has listed a series of partisan talking points accusing President Donald Trump of dismantling infrastructure, ignoring warnings on the coronavirus, destroying the economy, and calling the virus a "hoax" - a claim which has already been debunked. 

But the House speaker's biased narrative has seemingly been designed for political attacks on the president.

Pelosi claimed the “incompetent reaction to this health crisis” resulted in “unnecessary deaths and economic disaster," while destroying a “strong economy."

In the letter, Pelosi said the Easter Weekend provided her with time for “deeper prayer and reflection.”

The speaker asserted that Democrats should acknowledge "truths" on the coronavirus.

“We will overcome this moment, but success requires one fundamental from which all actions will follow: we need the truth," she said.

pelosi then listed six key points she believes must be thoroughly acknowledged in order to move forward © press
Pelosi then listed six key points she believes must be thoroughly acknowledged in order to move forward.

“In order to move forward, we must first understand the truth of what has put us in this position,” she continued.

Pelosi then listed six key points she believes must be thoroughly acknowledged in order to move forward.

Pelosi claimed Trump was handed a “strong economy” in 2017 while failing to note the president's historic achievements with employment levels since taking office.

Here is her list:

  • The truth is that Donald Trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him, which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster.
  • The truth is that in January, Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic, ignored those warnings, took insufficient action, and caused unnecessary death and disaster.
  • The truth is that Donald Trump told his most loyal followers that the pandemic was a hoax and that it would magically disappear, thus endangering lives and paving the way for economic disaster.
  • The truth is that we did not have proper testing available in March despite Trump repeatedly claiming that we did, and even now, we do not have adequate tests, masks, PPE, and necessary equipment, which creates unnecessary death and suffering.
  • The truth is because of an incompetent reaction to this health crisis, the strong economy handed to Donald Trump is now a disaster, causing the suffering of countless Americans and endangering lives.
  • The truth is a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility. A weak person blames others.

But what debunks all of Pelosi's 'talking points' is the fact that unemployment figures in America dropped to the lowest levels since 1969 in October 2019, as US employment data reported at the time.

pelosi falsely claimed trump was handed a  strong economy  in 2017 © press
Pelosi falsely claimed Trump was handed a 'strong economy' in 2017

Trump's booming economy created 136,000 American jobs in September, with the unemployment rate falling to just 3.5 percent.

According to Econoday, economists were expecting the number of new jobs to be between 120,000 and 179,000 with the consensus number at 145,000.

As Neon Nettle reported on Wednesday, Pelosi demanded the public "ignore Trump" on the coronavirus.

"The truth is, from this moment on, Americans must ignore lies and start to listen to scientists and other respected professionals in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones," she said.

But if Pelosi's idea of recovering from the coronavirus is anything like what is in the wish list of progressive demands for the next coronavirus stimulus bill, then America would become a haven for Democratic policies.

Here are some of the far left proposals

  • Relief money for illegal aliens
  • Early prison release for jailed criminals
  • Abortion funding
  • Permanent housing guarantees
  • Mail-in voting for elections
  • Minimum wage hikes and more union access, and an extensive national disease surveillance program.

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