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China Caught Shutting Down COVID-19 Research to ‘Control the Narrative’

Analysts warn Chinese Communist Party is stifling academic research into coronavirus

 on 13th April 2020 @ 1.00pm
china is accused of attempting to cover up the coronavirus pandemic © press
China is accused of attempting to cover-up the coronavirus pandemic

China has been caught shutting down research into COVID-19 in an apparent attempt to "control the narrative" of the coronavirus pandemic, leading analysts have revealed.

The websites for two of China's leading universities recently published academic research about the origins of the coronavirus.

However, the studies were then deleted from both websites and scrubbed from the state-controlled Internet, according to a report.

In a possible bid to "control the narrative" surrounding the pandemic, the posts on the websites of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Fudan University were erased from online caches, The Guardian reported.

Wuhan's university appears to have published and then deleted posts about academic research that needed to be approved by China’s ministry of science and technology before publication.

Posts originally published on April 9 by the school of information science and technology at Fudan University in Shanghai were also deleted in a similar apparent censorship effort.

china is accused of trying to  control the narrative  by shutting down coronavirus research © press
China is accused of trying to 'control the narrative' by shutting down coronavirus research

“They are seeking to transform it from a massive disaster to one where the government did everything right and gave the rest of the world time to prepare,” Kevin Carrico, a senior research fellow of Chinese studies at Monash University, told The Guardian.

“There is a desire to a degree to deny realities that are staring at us in the face … that this is a massive pandemic that originated in a place that the Chinese government really should have cleaned up after SARS,” he added.

China’s science and technology ministry had announced on April 3 that academic researchers needed to report their coronavirus findings to officials within three days or be terminated.

The news outlet noted that China’s President Xi Jinping published an essay in March that included “tracing the origin of the virus” a national priority; the science and technology ministry referenced the essay shortly before the universities changed tunes.

On New Year’s Eve, China informed the World Health Organization of a “mysterious pneumonia outbreak” spreading through Wuhan, an industrial city of 11 million.

The government closed a seafood market at the center of the outbreak, moved all patients with the virus to a specially designated hospital and collected test samples to send to government laboratories.

Doctors were told to stay quiet; one who issued a warning online was punished.

He later died of the virus.

The Pentagon was said to have first learned about the new coronavirus in December from open-source reports emanating from China.

By early January, warnings about the virus had made their way into intelligence reports circulating around the government.

On Jan. 3, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], Robert Redfield, received a call from his Chinese counterpart with an official warning.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, said he was alerted to the virus around the same time — and within two weeks was fearful it could bring about a global catastrophe.

academic research from two universities  into the origins of covid 19  was shut down by the chinese government © press
Academic research from two universities, into the origins of COVID-19, was shut down by the Chinese government

Quickly, U.S. intelligence and public health officials started doubting China’s reported rates of infection and death toll.

They pressed China to allow in U.S. epidemiologists — both to assist the country in confronting the spread and to gain valuable insights that could help buy time for the U.S. response.

U.S. officials also pressed China to send samples of the virus to U.S. labs for study and for vaccine and test development.

On Jan. 11, China shared the virus’s genetic sequence.

That same day, the National Institutes of Health started working on a vaccine.

Ultimately, the U.S. was able to get China’s consent to send two people on the WHO team that traveled to China later in the month.

But by then precious weeks had been lost and the virus had raced across Asia and had started to escape the continent.

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